November 24, 2010

On the Final Clause

On the first clause,
It was all unknown,
Never knew the existance,
I was in my own world.

On the second clause,
It was a new beginning,
It was so messy and numb,
I was thrilled.

On the third clause,
It was awkward,
It takes time to make the ball rolling,
It smoothens slowly.

On the fourth clause,
It started to get in more detail,
We shared, we joke, we laugh,
The glow in you shines.

On the fifth clause,
It gives me a slight hope,
It put a smile on my face,
It was the magical feeling to want more.

On the sixth clause,
It gives me the caress,
It was so detail,
I felt it was like just happened yesterday.

On the seventh clause,
Everything falls apart,
It ended just with a snap,
Everything will remain back to how it used to be.

August 16, 2010


It gave a new taste of bittersweet to my old fashion blog. I felt my blog is so dead for the past 2125494616164 YEARS with the old background, old layout, dull and moody color that filled with sadness and I seriously HATE IT !!! So it's time to SPLASH in some colors.

August 9, 2010


How to measure the sincerity in a friendship?
The years of known?
The times you spend together?
The secrets that you both shared?
The obstacles that both of you went through?
The problems that you help each other?
The laughter and cries that you shared?

And all the above mentioned is being questioned.
Is there an agreement to a friendship that betrayal will not happen?
No foreseen that this will last forever till your last breath on earth.

But in life, you are always in risk,
Risk of falling down and hurt yourself,
Risk in putting a bet, a business, an investment,
And friendship is one of the risk that might hurt yourself when you are so true and treasure it and in the end you found out that it is all about betrayal.

I can use a hug, a cigge and a drink now.

May 10, 2010

Lil Sweet & Obedient Girl

After shower look.

Sis was reversing her car, me, sitted behind have an instinct to turn back and look, saw this lil Silky Terrier, walking pass by in front of my house in Ipoh. She stopped, saw us reversing the car and walk towards our car. And she looks so lost, doesn't look like well taken care off, still a lil puppy. Afraid that we might roll over her, so I went down pick her up and gave her a lil shelter at our home. Looking at her condition, she has skin problem from what I see. All her furr was tangled up, obviously whoever the owner is doesn't treat her well. So I stayed home, gave her a shower. She even has a BIG lump at her tummy area. Thinking should be a cancer. Dad said this dog belongs to the neighbour down the road.

While waiting for sis to come back, feeded her with water and keebles but she seems not interested in it. She look so tired, she can fall asleep while sitting. She's very responsive to sit and stay, very sweet lil fella. And also found that she's filled with fleas all over her body. Couldn't stand it, so helped to remove as many fleas as possible. And also cut off all the tangled furr from her body. Turned her over and she let me do so, very sweet and obedient, she actually knew what I'm doing and trusted me.

One more thing she learnt was, she kept on scratching. At first while she was scratching, I give a lil slap on her, she was shocked looking at me and I told her ''no scratch scratch''. The second time she scratched again, I showed her my hand and she stop immediately. So cute.

Those black dot on her face is actually fleas. Big and small ones.
It can be cure easily.

I felt the heart ache looking at her condition, she's really a very sick dog, body filled with fleas, tummy has a big lump which look cancerious, furr almost all gone and she's so sweet and obedient. Within that one hour I had already developed a lil bond with her, she really captured my heart. She just follow wherever I go and when I asked her to sit and stay, she will just sit and stay there and wait for me to come back.

Part of me, I do have the heart to keep her and make her all healthy once again. But after some discussion, decided not to as this is the neighbour's dog. I couldn't return it to the owner personally because I scare I might scold the owner at their face. So decided to leave her at the same place where we found her. Someone has to be the bad guy to leave this lil one by the road and definitely not me cause I'm the one who brought her in. After a while, she's gone, don't know where she walk to already.

It actually spoiled my mood. I just do not understand how this people take care of their children while they couldn't even take care of a dog. Staying in a big house, with big cars, big compound, bought the dog for the kids just for the sake of company for the kids, while the kids are just a few years old. They couldn't even feed themselves well and how to even take care of a dog.

She's really small, even smaller than Fluffy, I think half of Fluffy's size. I just hope she's good now. Take care lil ones, no matter where you are. You will be remembered.

And after this incident, I kept telling Fluffy, ''You are a very lucky dog do you know that? Not even Maya, she's lucky but not as lucky as you.'' And he just tilt his head, knowing that I'm lecturing him. Sweet baby.......

March 30, 2010

Fun with Light Painting

My first attempt in light painting at cThree Studio. Where I find it quite interesting and fun to play with. Try guessing what I wrote there in the picture with a torchlight. =D

March 25, 2010


The moment when everything turn into silent,
Laughter turn into cries,
Happiness turn into departure,
It is when all the sorrows started,
Seconds awaited,
Minutes awaited,
Hours awaited,
Days awaited,
Weeks awaited,
Months awaited,
Years awaited.

Then now it has become years awaited,
Months awaited,
Weeks awaited,
Days awaited,
Hours awaited,
Minutes awaited,
Seconds awaited,
And now, WAIT is no longer exist,
Where everything now has almost comes to an end,
Cries has turn back into laughter,
Arrival has turn into eternal happiness and togetherness,
Everything has been reunited all over again,
Just like how it used to be,
The past has become yesterday,
And now all left is tomorrow, the future to look forward to.

March 10, 2010

The Courage

I was checking my email and then I saw this email from titled ''Please Save These Pound Dogs'' and saw this cute lil beagle were up for adoption. I had always wanted a Beagle compare to a Jack Russell though I had experience with JR but I would still prefer a Beagle as first option. This cute lil baby girl is only 7 months old, I so wanted to bring her home but ever since Maya's lost, I have doubts in having a third dog. So scare that the same fate will happen to her. I'm so sure that I could give her all the love she need in my world. She will have all the love in the world just like how I gave all the love to Maya and Fluffy.

Has been almost 3 months since Maya's disappearance. Felt that sometimes Fluffy is so lifeless and quiet. He used to squeeze himself out from the grilled door just to play with Maya in the garden when they are bored. And when Maya is in the house, both of them will be running and chasing each other around the house. I missed those voices, their barks, their nails scratching on the floor while they run, when they bang on stuff in the house while doing a u-turn or turning, their heavy breathing sounds, Maya's baby howl voices while playing with Fluffy, big lil Maya would squeeze herself into Fluffy's lil house to drink his water, that is so cute and the list goes on. Now that Maya is gone, when I look at Fluffy, he's like missing something around him, a friend, a sister, a companion.

But I really wish that I could have the courage to bring her home, lil Beagle.

*Pictures courtesy from the fosterer*

March 3, 2010

''Silence'' It Is

It has been a long time since I last heard this song.
It is also the first and the last song that I singed to you.
It is also a promise to myself that I will never hear or sing this song ever again since the day you left me.
It used to be our song.
But then again, this song appears unexpectedly recently.
I was speechless with it and the mood changes right away.
But come to think of it, all was best to it and left to float away in silence.

*Just a random thoughts that came across*

January 13, 2010

Dandelion Diaries

Awake in the morning, smelt the lovely lavendar.
Hearing the birds chirping, singing along with the morning glory.
Tuning on to the radio to a lil country song to freshen up the day.

It has come to an end to leave the past behind.
Where there is no more worries to worried about.
No more what if.

When everything has falls apart and there's nothing much more that you can do.
It is all leave it to the god to decide or perhaps yourself is the god.

Good times has passes by and all left now is just light shadow of the good times where it will only leave a slight smile on your face.
It is just like how dandelion flew.
I wish you are good baby, but your images will always stay fresh in my mind.
Just like everything just happen yesterday.

~With lots of love and kisses~

December 15, 2009

The lost of you

Dear Baby Maya,

I had never tell you how I felt about you but I know you had always know and here I'm writing you a note. To let you know how much I missed you and shall you never been forgotten for you had already taken a big space in my heart.

The first time when I saw you at the home breeder, you already caught my attention. You were so mischievous running and playing around being the big bully among your own siblings. Climbing all over me trying very hard to get my attention. From the day we brought you home, you are already a part of the family. Never had we treated you as a pet. We slept on the same bed, share the same food, I will sooth you to sleep on my lap, kissing you every day and night and you kissed me back with your saliva all over my face, you always have your own character and you make me loves you more and more each day. And we both showered each other with love.

I still remember when you were just a baby, you just love cuddling with anything that is soft, loves jump on to my bed and making paw prints on my white bed sheet and I'll be screaming my lungs out but you never know when I was angry because you are still a baby. But I never blame you for that. Still remember the first time you came home knowing Fluffy as the sire of the house, oh.....he hated you so much that time but you never stop disturbing him everyday, till today both of you became a good companion.

You had always been very obedient and tame just that when you are younger, you are a bit more aggressive, never get tired. You seldom bark, you only bark at a snail and talked to the neighbours dog. And you howl like a wolf, you don't speak clearly. You make baby howl tone only when playing with Fluffy. You love to be pampered, hugged, you love it when we rub your face, your chin and squeeze your cheek. You love staying indoor because indoor is cooler but when it's raining, you love to stay under the rain looking up at the rainy sky and let the water drop onto your face.

When you see my car you will stop doing whatever naughty things and pretend to be good girl sit and wait for me to come in and charging towards me and jump on me when you see me home. When I said ''Maya, what is this?'' You will run and hide, your tail will drop when you see me holding the cane.

Everyone who sees you says that you look big and fierce just because you have the panda eye around your eyes but to me, you are always small in the heart and innocent in the eyes.

I couldn't believe it that we could only celebrate one X'mas, one CNY and your one year old birthday. I'm sorry that I couldn't protect you forcibly being taken away. I could have seen that coming and you sense something is not right. Your eyes, that night when you look at me, wanted to come indoor trying to tell me something but I was too blinded to see it. I'm sorry Maya, so sorry for not letting you do what you wanted.

After the night you were taken away, Fluffy was in the garden the whole morning looking out from the gate and waiting knowing that something has happen to you which really gives me an heartache. The morning when I found out that you were gone, I drove to work but the road seems to be longer like it used to be. Makes me think a lot till tears roll down from my eyes, for knowing the fact that you are really gone. Couldn't concentrate in work on that day, everyone who known you concerns about you and tears roll down again while I was doing the explanation. Its too hurt and so hard for me to explain that you are no longer here, how you were being taken.

Although you are no longer here with us but I will always keep the memories that you had created for us. I will still hope that one day I'll see you again and bring you back to our place , a place call home. I can never find another one like you. I miss you Baby Maya.