December 14, 2007

The Mirror Story

It 's just a short lil story telling. I know it might sound bored when you hear the word "STORY" but come on, gimme a chance to crap about it then only comment on it ok ???'s how it goes...

Mission 1 : Drag them to take together

Mission 2 : Discovering the beauty of the mirror

Mission 3 : Exploring different kind of angle

Mission 4 : Influencing them

Mission 5 : Almost there

Mission 6 : Mission accomplished, all got influence by me. Hahahaha......

And one last snapshot of myself, I just can't get enough IKEA's mirror.
The lighting, the reflection, was AWESOME !!!

Okok, maybe I'm just to exagerating using awesome, but I could say is good enough to have a nice good effect at a place without any professional and special well equip for photography. Should give a credit to IKEA for having it, the almost there effect. But then I still have to do some editing on the pictures and the result got better.

I don't realise it until this trip to IKEA then only I found out they have awesome mirror's. Gonna take more on the next trip. Hehehe.....

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