December 21, 2008

Deepavali Weekend Break Outing

I notice I like to blog outdated updates. Lolz.

Anyway, here is what we did on the Deepa Weekend. Karaoke @ Green Box Sg Wang and steamboat @ Yuen's. Started off with a picture of us with the mic and followed by some random picture.





After karaoke, we has nothing to buy so we headed for a drink.

Ken solo

.......I asked them to pose like that

Wil * always on call

Me solo

Still on call

Wymen solo


The bro * sis

And here, pictures of us @ Yuen's
this time with Nicky

Ken * having his second cup ice-cream

Nicky * just touch down from HK and join us after that

Wymen * took 1 hour to find a parking

Me * looked so full filled

Wil * got the chicken wings on his third attempt

Steam @ the babes 22.10.2008

I know this was a last 2 months post. But was not in the mood to blog. Lolz.

And here it is. Went steaming at the babes place in Sg. Long. Was on a Wednesday, Shanice called me up while I was in the office, asking:

Shanice: Wei !!!
Me: Yes babe?
Shanice: Tonight wana steamboat?
Me: Hur? Where? Sunway, Yuen's?
Shanice: Noler, DIY at home. Our place.
Me: Hur? Why suddenly so in the mood for steam?
Shanice: Noler, nothing to do so make something for fun.
Me: Erm....okler. I'll come right after work.
Shanice: Ok, good. Eh, your place got big pot ah?
Me: How big you want?
Shanice: As big as possible.
Me: Ok, no problem. Leave it on me. But I'll be late cause there'll be jam. Ok? See ya later then.
Shanice: Ok, bye. See ya.

I finished work at 6pm and drop back at home to get the pot and reach their place at 8pm. And there it is. The steam pics.

The Food

Crystalbelle * QQ

In to the pot it goes





And me myself

December 3, 2008

The half boil egg story

11.15pm 19.10.2008

Sis: I want to have supper. You want?
Me: Ok. What's on the menu?
Sis: Half boil egg & freshly blend orange juice.
Me: Ok, count me in.

Then sis off to make supper. 30 minutes later. She handed me this.

I was stunned for a second. Conversation continues.

Me: Erm, isn't this a HARD boil egg?
Sis: *Smile*
Me: How long did you wait for the egg?
Sis: Erm.....15 minutes.
Me: @_@ You need to wait for 4 - 5 minutes only ler.
Sis: You didn't tell me.
Me: You didn't ask me? Some more showing lansi face just now. So I thought you knew la.
Sis: Ok, never mind, make it to egg sandwich.

So she make her's one and I make mine one.

Tada !!!

Hard boil egg + soya sauce + pepper + mayonise + butter
Supposingly there's no soya sauce in egg sandwich but because already added in for the half boil egg, so just be it lor. It should b replace with a pinch of salt.

Afterall her orange juice was a success.

Now let me show you how half boil egg look like.

Here it is. This is I make punya half boil egg.

Remember, only 4 - 5 minutes to make a half boil egg.

Anyway, Sis cooks good dishes but her waiting time for steaming dishes is not that good. Lolz. So we both made a good combination. Lolz.