January 29, 2008

Dilemma approaching AGAIN !!!

GOSH !!! I'm in a DILEMMA !!! A dilemma on should I HI-LIGHT my hair or not? I did do hi-light for my previous haircut but seems like the hi-light no power but still can see quite clearly under the sun. So this time I don't know should I do it or not?

Opinions, suggestions, comments anyone ??? Please......

January 26, 2008

Sweeney Todd

Went out with Janson yesterday for lunch and movie @ OneU and my submission of assignments @ college.

Yeap, I 'tumpang' along asking him to drop by KBU for me to submit my assignments. When I enter the classroom, majority most my coursemate work already submitted. I think almost 60% of them. I guess this semester everyone is doing quite well. One more week to go and I'll be saying bye bye to Year 3 Semester 5. But still, another submission for my dissertation next Friday. Holiday will be officially starting on the 2nd of Feb and I'll be Gong Xi Fa Cai all the way for two weeks.

Anyway, after college went for lunch at OneU, Janson decided to have A&W but then the waiter said the coney dog is not ready yet. YES !!! NOT READY YET !!! Where the hell is lunch hour time and NO CONEY DOG !!! ~_~"" I wonder, how do they do business? Com'on, coney dog is their best selling food in stall and is NOT READY YET.

Fine.....then I already don't feel like eating in A&W and I decided to change place and had lunch at Wong Kok. I went there so many times and this time they had the worst service of all the times I went. ~_~"" The reason? I tell you why. I eventually wanted to sit on those side table with sofa but then the table has not been clean so both of us sit on those normal settings table with chairs. And we took our order and it took moments for us to wait for the waitress to take our order. Then there's this waitress, I asked her, and this is how she answered;

Me: Excuse me, may I change to that table over there?
Waitress: Oh, we are very busy now.

I'm very piss off by then. I know is busy at lunch hour but then that's not the way to answer the customers lor. Rite? What's the purpose for us paying them service charge? And that's how they gave service to the customers. Bad management, so not efficient and most of all BAD SERVICES. If you know you have not enough manpower, should have schedule more staff to work on that hour. I just hate restaurants with bad service. And not forgetting their food too, the one that I ordered, forgotten what's the name of it, is so salty.

Then for movie, we watched Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street.

Personally, the movie was ok cause I myself like musical kind of movie but I actually expect is a horror instead of a musical movie. But then the blood is so so so fake lor. Haha.....Johnny Depp is still as handsome as he is. =P
As for Janson, I don't think he like the movie cause he keep on complaining about the story line and the singing thingy. Haha....funny him.

I know I'm being too sarcastic in this entry but I just hate it lor.

January 23, 2008

Here are some lil updates. Me, Alce, Louise, Lee Yee and Chee Wen went on a girl's outing. Had lunch at The Curve. Eventually after lunch we were planning to catch a movie but all the time were either too late or just past. So we ended decided to go for karaoke session @ Redbox and since this is the first time we go karaoke together, pictures will be our prove. We took a lot of pictures but I just pick this two cause we all are ready and ....... just see yourself.

This is the so called 'proper' version of us. The PRETENDING side. LOL !!!

here's another version of us

The crazy side of us. Hahaha.....funny pic and Louise don't want to be in the pic but still she's captured inside.

And this is a lil souvenier from Sam and LeeYee from their X'mas trip in Singapore. Thanks.

More updates will be up soon.

January 21, 2008

Our own AGENDA

Back Ipoh was ok for me. Here are some pics we took while having our yumcha session @ Question Mark on 19th Jan.

Four of us with our own AGENDA

Me * Mui

And here's a picture taken on my cousin sis wedding. She's my erm......I don't know how should I call her, she's my cousin brother daughter, Beverly Leong. Ain't she cute? Sorry la, I forgotten what's her chinese name. The last time I saw her was when she was newly born and now she has so much hair di within 1 year. LOL....

Beverly Leong

And I made her cried that night. Cause I pull her finger away from her mouth to suck. Come on, is unhygienic giving the baby to suck her finger instead of those baby 'sucking' thing that's what I called. I know I'm bad, but I didn't made her cry on purpose ok? Is unhygienic. =P

I likey my new haircut !!!

Here's a lil history regarding my hair length. Back four years ago when I was 18 years old I have long hair like this. And yes, this is me, my back and my longed hair.
But due to some matters, I cut it short.

And it turns out to be this length for the last 3 years. And now, I wanted something more new. So I cut my hair again to.......

......this short. And I'm liking it lotz and lotz. Took my haircut at Fame, Damansara Perdana, no, I no longer trust Ipoh hairstylists, they SUCKS big time. They always make me regret after walking out from the salon.

Took my haircut a day before my presentation which is on the 17th Jan. A time for me to release stress.

By the way, as I had written in my previous entry, I had told that I was away for the weekend is because I went back to Ipoh to attend my cousin sis wedding gathering. And this pic was taken after the wedding and after yumcha session with my girls. Hehe....

And I no longer miss my long hair. I'm happy with myself now. =P

I felt so myself all over again. =P

January 19, 2008


I'll be away for this weekend. =) Updates will be up once I'm back to KL. =)

For now, I'm all stress FREEEEE. Relaxing ~~~

Wanna call it a day now. Sleepy di. Not enough hours of sleep for this whole week. Tired......zzzzz

January 18, 2008

I'm getting sEXCITED !!!

Another 5 more hours I'll be on my way to college di for presentation !!! I'm getting excited due to I'm satisfied with my work. I'm supposedly be on my bed by now but I just don't feel like sleeping yet although I'm now sleepy, tired REAL tired cause I slept for 2 hours last night.

For this week since Monday till today, I guess I'm not sleeping more than 36 hours. LOL.....but this has not break my record, there's once in one week Monday to Friday, I only slept for like 10 hours. YES !!! Is 20 hours, I'm like walking and floating like a dead corpse that time. Hahaha......

Wanna sleep lor.....I'm getting SEXCITED !!!

Good luck everyone who's gonna present for presentation !!!

January 17, 2008

Today's horoscope says....

"Can a person have too many friends? You might be starting to think about that question today, because all of this activity is starting to get a little bit exhausting! Your social life is bursting at the seams, and it is requiring a lot more organization and work than ever before. Is it worth it? Or are you just more interested in being with people (any people) than being alone? Trim back on your engagements for a little while and see how you like it."

Hmmmmmmm........let me see. Yes, I do agree I have lotsa friends around me, from those hi bye friends to those gaving hugs and kisses friends. Yes, I'm a open minded girl but, still, sometimes it is also up to some certain extend plus depend on who. =) So to those who know me well, they know who I am lor.....and am happy that they know me so well. Glad to have them as friends. =)

And for the answer to the horoscope today, I guess I still like to mingle around with my bunch of close friends to whom they know who you are. And sometimes I also do like to be alone, just sometimes.

And as for NOW, didn't I said that I might not have time to blog in this whole week in the past entry? Yea, but I was wrong about myself cause I manage to do my assignments faster than I used to be. Hehe.....but I still have a bit more things to do, my storyboard printing + mounting and Power Point slides after that I'll be relaxing. Did I mention when is my presentation? Is on this Friday, getting excited about it cause I'm quite satisfied with my progress and my final design. Anyway, gotta continue my work di. Wish me luck !!! I'll be updating soon, now have time to blog di. Hehe........

And by the way for your info, I ROAR, which means I'm a LEO. =P

January 16, 2008

80% release....

YAY !!! Christine is very happy cause the worry thing that has been bugging her whole week has finally settle !!! YES !!! I done, I've finished my FLASH.

I'm so HAPPY....Although I still have Power Point presentation and printing and mounting and a bit of knitting to do but those are just minor ones. Anyway....I'm HAPPY !!!! Teehee.....

I think I've loosen some weight due to one meal per day(my tummy also flatten ~_~""), stressed with assignments, going to bed in the EARLY morning and so on....

I'm hungry now, tummy sounding di but I guess going to bed is better. Anyway, wanna go oi oi lur.....zzzzZZZZZ.... **SMILEYS**

January 15, 2008

Symptoms of STRESS

The stressing time has come again. Every semester there will be one. And the one and only reason will be



This time is not one project at a time but TWO !!! Yes is TWO !!!
That is why all the STRESS is DOUBLED UP + THE SYMPTOMS also DOUBLED UP !!! This time really KAO KAO !!! And that is why now I'm dealing with the.......

......SYMPTOMS of STREssssSSS:

* Sleepless nights
* Swollen eyes + eyebags + dark eyes (GOSH.....!!! WTF !!!)
* No time for facial
* Dry skin
* Staring at the PC for long hours
* Drink not enough water
* No time to reshape my eyebrows (make me look more like Shin Chan day by day)
* Long finger nails, unpolish, uncolor
* No time for hair treatment
* Dry hair

Now I'm like SLEEP GD, EAT GD, SHIT GD, DRIVE GD, SHOWER also GD. As far as I know, NOW I'm leaving my life with GDzzZZZZ.

BUT BUT BUT thank god I found my IDEA for my flash. My brain got DING DING DING when I was having my shower just now. **SMILEYS**

I'm promising myself that I MUST MUST MUST pamper myself 100x more then the time I spend on my assignments once this week ends. IS A MUST !!!

And lastly for the time being, I don't think I'll have time to blog this whole week. Till my next update then. STRESSED UPZZZ !!!

January 11, 2008

January Babies

This month Birthday babies

Wilson(b'day falls on today, 11th)

Happy 23rd Birthday Bro !!!
Muah......love ya lotz.......

January 9, 2008

Something to share

I have something to share to ALL designers, future designers, GD or VC students, people who call themselves a designer or anyone who's interested in browsing through.

As I have nothing better to do this noon while in college PC Lab waiting for my turn for tutorial, I just checked my yahoo mailbox and found an unknown yet new email from Kakireka which took me minutes to refresh my mind that I added them in Facebook(FB).

As I was clicking away from the links to links I found their BLOG(Kakireka).

Interesting blog they have there, it's about sharing of thoughts, opinions and events, happenings, gathering, providing help and support from a collective of designers, friends all over Malaysia.

Yeah, the blog is all about talking about design. That's all the info I had read from their blog. Will read more about them.

Their blog is still new, only two months ago and I bet they'll have more interesting stuffs to come. Enjoy...!!!

January 7, 2008

Emo is killing me

Is 5am now. My WMP was playing random songs and suddenly it played a song that I does not know that it even exist in my MP3 list. Is a VERY emo song to me although I don't know what the singer is singing about. But then the rhythm is just so making me sad.



The emo is slowing down my speed which I'm suppose to be doing my GD projects FASTER(earlier just now) ~~~ I do make myself emo when I'm bored and all alone. =) [Nothing better to do]

And I've been repeating the same song since 230am just now. I know it sound a bit ~_~"" but I can stand repeating the same old song for hours. If I likey it. ** Smileys ** Well, sometimes I also cannot tahan myself, but, that's me.....

Here's the MV, enjoy......

卓文萱 - 被你爱过我很快乐
[The title I just copy and paste from you tube, don't blame me if it's wrong ya =) ]

The title is long and I don't know what it means, it's in mandarin and I know you can see that =P. Yes, I'm a half banana. I speak english, malay, basic cantonese and a VERY VERY basic mandarin. Written, will be english, malay and VERY VERY VERY.......basic mandarin plus my own chinese name ** Smileys ** (At least I'm still proud of myself for knowing how to write my name in mandarin). But don't know why I can sing quite well in mandarin songs.

Anyway, gonna dash on my bed soon di........till then......

January 4, 2008

New Year's Eve Celebration@The Curve

Yes, it has been days since my last entry. Just let me do some recap......and pictures will do the talking too....

This year New Year's Eve was quite fun. After all the unhappy things that happen for the past few days, I actually know maybe is time for me to get over it. NY eve celebration was a last minute plan for me. That day went out the whole day with daddy. Here's the happenings....

* Drop Fluffy at Summer Pet for grooming@SS2
* Drove daddy to buy bus ticket back to Ipoh@Mayang
* Pump petrol(Daddy pay) full tank some more **SMILEY**
* Daddy wanna meet up with his old school friends in Ampang, so drove him all the way from PJ to Ampang. Yes, he took bus to KL and this is what he had said.....

Daddy: Since you and Jie Jie(Sister) have car already, then next time I come to KL no need to drive, you both can drive me to anywhere I want, you're my driver in KL already.

BIG ~_~"""

* Went shopping again@OneU. This time is Daddy shop, not me, I just accompany.
* Went to SS2 pasar malam
* Pick Fluffy up from Summer Pet@SS2
* Reach home@6 something
* Call Son up, to see how the plan goes and it's ON
* Get ready for countdown@Curve
* I left Daddy@home, I'm bad, this the funny part conversation.....

Me: Daddy, I'm going out for New Year's Eve celebration with my friends@The Curve.
Daddy: HAR ???!!! So you're leaving me@home alone la???
Me: No. Still have Fluffy to accompany you la. Hehe.....
Daddy: Then you're locking me@home??? Later house on fire how am I gonna go out??? Burn to death later.
Me: ~_~""".......I'll leave you my key. Then later 12am you can go out watch the fireworks from the other side of the balcony over to The Curve, ok ???
Daddy: Where's my newspaper I bought today morning ??? No entertainment for me(merajuk voice). Later teach me how to operate the TV and DVD player.
Me: Ok Ok. I go get ready first ya. Zoooosh.......

Funny Dad I have la....haha....but then in the end he had his fun at home also la. Sis wasn't around, she was working that day and by the time we reach home, she already went out for New Year's eve also. That's why is only me and dad that day.

Ney came to pick me up. So Daddy accompanied me down to lobby cause I wanna take my shoe from my car and leave my car keys to him, so he walked me to the lobby where Ney * Jai * Son already waiting for me in the car. Into the car and wave bye bye to Dad.

The worst thing was, while I was opening the car door BEFORE I could step into the car, 3 of them already shouting,

"Wuah, Tine Tine, is that your Dad ???"
"So handsome eh !!!"
"So yau yeng(cool) also."
"And tall !!!"

All also coming from each of them. I also become speechless.......while I was suppose to said "Happy New Year" to them once I open the car door. LOL.......but they manage to speak faster to me.

New Year's Eve @ The Curve

Besties Reunited

Ney *Me

Son * Me

Jai * Me

Ney * Jai cravings, Big Apple Donuts

We celebrate late X'mas too......

On the next day, breakfast with Daddy and Sis at Damansara Perdana, I told Dad "3 of my friends saw you last night, they said you very handsome and 'yauyeng' and tall wor...." and his reaction ??? Wicky smile...... ~_~"""

After breakfast, send him off to take bus at Kelana Jaya back to Ipoh and wave bye bye.......

Well, my dad, minus his nag(most of the time), being annoyed with his nagging voice, other then that, he's a funny Dad........missed his nagging face to face di......haha.......But anyway......


Mid Valley X'mas Deco 2007

Daddy came to KL for holidays few days after we back to KL. Is December, so is good to go for shopping. Shopped at Mid Valley and yes, I got myself 3 tops and a pair of sneakers from Three Point Six, is 60% off la....so cheap !!!

But then when I went into Zara, Topshop, MNG and etc......I just can't find any nice and cheap tops that I like. Is it cause I'm a bit too late to go for shopping at the end of December sales, people already grab all the nice and cheap clothes at the beginning of the sales ??? Think so.....might happen thou. And sizes are so limited, left all the L and a VERY minimum of M or S size. This means most Asian woman all majority are size M and S, very few with L.

But anyway.....here are some picture of us@Mid Valley with the X'mas deco. And they did it again, this year they won the most beautiful X'mas deco among all the shopping complexes. Last year they just got the "Most Beautiful" and this year they WON !!!

Mid Valley Christmas Deco 2007

The deco is so much nicer compare to the one back home, mine one can 'sau pei' di. Haha....

The Leong sister's

Daddy * Me

Me * Myself * I

My 2007 X'mas

X'mas for 2007 was a quiet and peaceful one for me. I went back Ipoh instead on the 20th to 25th. Don't know why I'm so down and sad over it which eventually made me has no X'mas spirit in me to celebrate it. December was suppose to be a happy month for me but this year was so So SO exceptional. Yes, my bestie Iris did called me up on eve to go out for club, but I just don't feel like celebrating, so I push it away and stayed home instead, accompanied my family at home.

BUT...on the day of X'mas was the day I went back KL. And for this year X'mas, I've got my most wanted that I've been dreaming and saving money to buy was a "headphone" with a build in mic from sis. I was like woah.....another gift was a "green half knited sweater" by sis bf, spotted@Cineleisure and fell in love with it when going shopping with sis back few days but a bit too expensive. So just kiss goodbye to it. But to my suprise......hehehe......

AND guess what my prezzie is being wrapped WITH ???

Suprise eh ??? I was also in shock when I recieve this. LOL....
Thanks to my sis creative-ness. LOL......but anyway, what's most important is the thing beyond the "Dynamo Posters". Hehehehe.......

This 2 prezzies has already turn my X'mas beautiful. **Smileys**

And on X'mas day itself, well, X'mas was suppose to be celebrate with your love ones so sis went dating with her bf and as for me, I was still in my "MOOD", so I guess my best time is just stay home alone. But, instead, my bestie Ken manage to persuade me out for a dinner, a "X'mas dinner" as what he mentioned that made me changed my mind. And here are some pics of us having dinner@Wong Kok SS2.

Me * Ken

After the outing, reached home I actually felt better.
Thanks bestie for making my X'mas day ended well.

Jello SPERM was found in his dessert. LOL....amazing huh ???
Coloured some more...

Gather with my girls@Ipoh

Eventually, on the 20th I went back Ipoh, my girls, Iris & BF Andy, Crystalbelle & Shanice dated me for a movie on that night@Jusco TGV. Watched "I Am Legend".

To me, the story line was good BUT the movie is quite slow.
Overall I would think is a good show.

I would say Will Smith has been improving in his acting into REAL good from his last movie that I watched "Pursuit of Happiness", was a oh so touching movie. Compare back to his OLD "Fresh Prince of Bel Aire" image......

......was like a LOL to me. Reminds me of myself back in primary school.
Afterall, he's really a good actor.

AND back to my girls, here are some pics we took together at our after movie yumcha session....

Shanice * Me

Crystalbelle * Me

And both of them

Iris wasn't around when we were taking pictures. Will take more when meet up with her again. Miss y'all heaps......