January 7, 2008

Emo is killing me

Is 5am now. My WMP was playing random songs and suddenly it played a song that I does not know that it even exist in my MP3 list. Is a VERY emo song to me although I don't know what the singer is singing about. But then the rhythm is just so making me sad.



The emo is slowing down my speed which I'm suppose to be doing my GD projects FASTER(earlier just now) ~~~ I do make myself emo when I'm bored and all alone. =) [Nothing better to do]

And I've been repeating the same song since 230am just now. I know it sound a bit ~_~"" but I can stand repeating the same old song for hours. If I likey it. ** Smileys ** Well, sometimes I also cannot tahan myself, but, that's me.....

Here's the MV, enjoy......

卓文萱 - 被你爱过我很快乐
[The title I just copy and paste from you tube, don't blame me if it's wrong ya =) ]

The title is long and I don't know what it means, it's in mandarin and I know you can see that =P. Yes, I'm a half banana. I speak english, malay, basic cantonese and a VERY VERY basic mandarin. Written, will be english, malay and VERY VERY VERY.......basic mandarin plus my own chinese name ** Smileys ** (At least I'm still proud of myself for knowing how to write my name in mandarin). But don't know why I can sing quite well in mandarin songs.

Anyway, gonna dash on my bed soon di........till then......

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Jaeney said...

tine tine..just to tell u what the song title is..so u can understand ma ^^ that song title is "bei ni ai guo wo hen kuai le" means i'm feel so glad being love by u b4...it's something lidat..>_< i'm not good in translate chinese to english..anyway, NICE SONG..