January 4, 2008

Gather with my girls@Ipoh

Eventually, on the 20th I went back Ipoh, my girls, Iris & BF Andy, Crystalbelle & Shanice dated me for a movie on that night@Jusco TGV. Watched "I Am Legend".

To me, the story line was good BUT the movie is quite slow.
Overall I would think is a good show.

I would say Will Smith has been improving in his acting into REAL good from his last movie that I watched "Pursuit of Happiness", was a oh so touching movie. Compare back to his OLD "Fresh Prince of Bel Aire" image......

......was like a LOL to me. Reminds me of myself back in primary school.
Afterall, he's really a good actor.

AND back to my girls, here are some pics we took together at our after movie yumcha session....

Shanice * Me

Crystalbelle * Me

And both of them

Iris wasn't around when we were taking pictures. Will take more when meet up with her again. Miss y'all heaps......

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