January 4, 2008

Mid Valley X'mas Deco 2007

Daddy came to KL for holidays few days after we back to KL. Is December, so is good to go for shopping. Shopped at Mid Valley and yes, I got myself 3 tops and a pair of sneakers from Three Point Six, is 60% off la....so cheap !!!

But then when I went into Zara, Topshop, MNG and etc......I just can't find any nice and cheap tops that I like. Is it cause I'm a bit too late to go for shopping at the end of December sales, people already grab all the nice and cheap clothes at the beginning of the sales ??? Think so.....might happen thou. And sizes are so limited, left all the L and a VERY minimum of M or S size. This means most Asian woman all majority are size M and S, very few with L.

But anyway.....here are some picture of us@Mid Valley with the X'mas deco. And they did it again, this year they won the most beautiful X'mas deco among all the shopping complexes. Last year they just got the "Most Beautiful" and this year they WON !!!

Mid Valley Christmas Deco 2007

The deco is so much nicer compare to the one back home, mine one can 'sau pei' di. Haha....

The Leong sister's

Daddy * Me

Me * Myself * I

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