January 4, 2008

New Year's Eve Celebration@The Curve

Yes, it has been days since my last entry. Just let me do some recap......and pictures will do the talking too....

This year New Year's Eve was quite fun. After all the unhappy things that happen for the past few days, I actually know maybe is time for me to get over it. NY eve celebration was a last minute plan for me. That day went out the whole day with daddy. Here's the happenings....

* Drop Fluffy at Summer Pet for grooming@SS2
* Drove daddy to buy bus ticket back to Ipoh@Mayang
* Pump petrol(Daddy pay) full tank some more **SMILEY**
* Daddy wanna meet up with his old school friends in Ampang, so drove him all the way from PJ to Ampang. Yes, he took bus to KL and this is what he had said.....

Daddy: Since you and Jie Jie(Sister) have car already, then next time I come to KL no need to drive, you both can drive me to anywhere I want, you're my driver in KL already.

BIG ~_~"""

* Went shopping again@OneU. This time is Daddy shop, not me, I just accompany.
* Went to SS2 pasar malam
* Pick Fluffy up from Summer Pet@SS2
* Reach home@6 something
* Call Son up, to see how the plan goes and it's ON
* Get ready for countdown@Curve
* I left Daddy@home, I'm bad, this the funny part conversation.....

Me: Daddy, I'm going out for New Year's Eve celebration with my friends@The Curve.
Daddy: HAR ???!!! So you're leaving me@home alone la???
Me: No. Still have Fluffy to accompany you la. Hehe.....
Daddy: Then you're locking me@home??? Later house on fire how am I gonna go out??? Burn to death later.
Me: ~_~""".......I'll leave you my key. Then later 12am you can go out watch the fireworks from the other side of the balcony over to The Curve, ok ???
Daddy: Where's my newspaper I bought today morning ??? No entertainment for me(merajuk voice). Later teach me how to operate the TV and DVD player.
Me: Ok Ok. I go get ready first ya. Zoooosh.......

Funny Dad I have la....haha....but then in the end he had his fun at home also la. Sis wasn't around, she was working that day and by the time we reach home, she already went out for New Year's eve also. That's why is only me and dad that day.

Ney came to pick me up. So Daddy accompanied me down to lobby cause I wanna take my shoe from my car and leave my car keys to him, so he walked me to the lobby where Ney * Jai * Son already waiting for me in the car. Into the car and wave bye bye to Dad.

The worst thing was, while I was opening the car door BEFORE I could step into the car, 3 of them already shouting,

"Wuah, Tine Tine, is that your Dad ???"
"So handsome eh !!!"
"So yau yeng(cool) also."
"And tall !!!"

All also coming from each of them. I also become speechless.......while I was suppose to said "Happy New Year" to them once I open the car door. LOL.......but they manage to speak faster to me.

New Year's Eve @ The Curve

Besties Reunited

Ney *Me

Son * Me

Jai * Me

Ney * Jai cravings, Big Apple Donuts

We celebrate late X'mas too......

On the next day, breakfast with Daddy and Sis at Damansara Perdana, I told Dad "3 of my friends saw you last night, they said you very handsome and 'yauyeng' and tall wor...." and his reaction ??? Wicky smile...... ~_~"""

After breakfast, send him off to take bus at Kelana Jaya back to Ipoh and wave bye bye.......

Well, my dad, minus his nag(most of the time), being annoyed with his nagging voice, other then that, he's a funny Dad........missed his nagging face to face di......haha.......But anyway......



Jaeney said...

tine..really have fun time with u on NYE.. anyway.. ur dad really is HANDSOME la.. start to miss u d..find one day we go shopping together la..muax
take care

Sweet-Lil-Devilish said...

Ya, I have lotsa fun too. Y'all make my Dad feel young again. LOL...

OK. Till we meet again next time. Miss y'all too. Muaxy....

jAimy L said...

Hahaa, damn agree la, ur dad very YENG, TALL n HANDSOME la...
Yea, have fun dat NYEve with U..
Hope to meet u soon.. ^^
miss ya.. muaksss~