January 21, 2008

Our own AGENDA

Back Ipoh was ok for me. Here are some pics we took while having our yumcha session @ Question Mark on 19th Jan.

Four of us with our own AGENDA

Me * Mui

And here's a picture taken on my cousin sis wedding. She's my erm......I don't know how should I call her, she's my cousin brother daughter, Beverly Leong. Ain't she cute? Sorry la, I forgotten what's her chinese name. The last time I saw her was when she was newly born and now she has so much hair di within 1 year. LOL....

Beverly Leong

And I made her cried that night. Cause I pull her finger away from her mouth to suck. Come on, is unhygienic giving the baby to suck her finger instead of those baby 'sucking' thing that's what I called. I know I'm bad, but I didn't made her cry on purpose ok? Is unhygienic. =P

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