January 9, 2008

Something to share

I have something to share to ALL designers, future designers, GD or VC students, people who call themselves a designer or anyone who's interested in browsing through.

As I have nothing better to do this noon while in college PC Lab waiting for my turn for tutorial, I just checked my yahoo mailbox and found an unknown yet new email from Kakireka which took me minutes to refresh my mind that I added them in Facebook(FB).

As I was clicking away from the links to links I found their BLOG(Kakireka).

Interesting blog they have there, it's about sharing of thoughts, opinions and events, happenings, gathering, providing help and support from a collective of designers, friends all over Malaysia.

Yeah, the blog is all about talking about design. That's all the info I had read from their blog. Will read more about them.

Their blog is still new, only two months ago and I bet they'll have more interesting stuffs to come. Enjoy...!!!

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