January 26, 2008

Sweeney Todd

Went out with Janson yesterday for lunch and movie @ OneU and my submission of assignments @ college.

Yeap, I 'tumpang' along asking him to drop by KBU for me to submit my assignments. When I enter the classroom, majority most my coursemate work already submitted. I think almost 60% of them. I guess this semester everyone is doing quite well. One more week to go and I'll be saying bye bye to Year 3 Semester 5. But still, another submission for my dissertation next Friday. Holiday will be officially starting on the 2nd of Feb and I'll be Gong Xi Fa Cai all the way for two weeks.

Anyway, after college went for lunch at OneU, Janson decided to have A&W but then the waiter said the coney dog is not ready yet. YES !!! NOT READY YET !!! Where the hell is lunch hour time and NO CONEY DOG !!! ~_~"" I wonder, how do they do business? Com'on, coney dog is their best selling food in stall and is NOT READY YET.

Fine.....then I already don't feel like eating in A&W and I decided to change place and had lunch at Wong Kok. I went there so many times and this time they had the worst service of all the times I went. ~_~"" The reason? I tell you why. I eventually wanted to sit on those side table with sofa but then the table has not been clean so both of us sit on those normal settings table with chairs. And we took our order and it took moments for us to wait for the waitress to take our order. Then there's this waitress, I asked her, and this is how she answered;

Me: Excuse me, may I change to that table over there?
Waitress: Oh, we are very busy now.

I'm very piss off by then. I know is busy at lunch hour but then that's not the way to answer the customers lor. Rite? What's the purpose for us paying them service charge? And that's how they gave service to the customers. Bad management, so not efficient and most of all BAD SERVICES. If you know you have not enough manpower, should have schedule more staff to work on that hour. I just hate restaurants with bad service. And not forgetting their food too, the one that I ordered, forgotten what's the name of it, is so salty.

Then for movie, we watched Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street.

Personally, the movie was ok cause I myself like musical kind of movie but I actually expect is a horror instead of a musical movie. But then the blood is so so so fake lor. Haha.....Johnny Depp is still as handsome as he is. =P
As for Janson, I don't think he like the movie cause he keep on complaining about the story line and the singing thingy. Haha....funny him.

I know I'm being too sarcastic in this entry but I just hate it lor.

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