January 17, 2008

Today's horoscope says....

"Can a person have too many friends? You might be starting to think about that question today, because all of this activity is starting to get a little bit exhausting! Your social life is bursting at the seams, and it is requiring a lot more organization and work than ever before. Is it worth it? Or are you just more interested in being with people (any people) than being alone? Trim back on your engagements for a little while and see how you like it."

Hmmmmmmm........let me see. Yes, I do agree I have lotsa friends around me, from those hi bye friends to those gaving hugs and kisses friends. Yes, I'm a open minded girl but, still, sometimes it is also up to some certain extend plus depend on who. =) So to those who know me well, they know who I am lor.....and am happy that they know me so well. Glad to have them as friends. =)

And for the answer to the horoscope today, I guess I still like to mingle around with my bunch of close friends to whom they know who you are. And sometimes I also do like to be alone, just sometimes.

And as for NOW, didn't I said that I might not have time to blog in this whole week in the past entry? Yea, but I was wrong about myself cause I manage to do my assignments faster than I used to be. Hehe.....but I still have a bit more things to do, my storyboard printing + mounting and Power Point slides after that I'll be relaxing. Did I mention when is my presentation? Is on this Friday, getting excited about it cause I'm quite satisfied with my progress and my final design. Anyway, gotta continue my work di. Wish me luck !!! I'll be updating soon, now have time to blog di. Hehe........

And by the way for your info, I ROAR, which means I'm a LEO. =P

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