February 29, 2008


Making friends is easy but to know which friend will stay by you for the rest of your life is hard. Only the true ones will stay with you side by side. No matter how busy they can be, they will always have the time to leave a message or two in your inbox to send their regards.

As for the others who are just passerby(that's what I call them) while you are moving with your life they can be up to a hundred or thousand or even more but in the end there's only one that will be true to you.

To those passerby that came into my life,

Thank you for coming into my life and leave some footsteps in my life for I had already tasted the bitter sweet that you all had left in this almost not existed friendship and thanks for letting me know who is true and who are just passerby. Where by I do not need to waste too much of my time on whoever you are to build a friendship.

And nonetheless,

To those who know who are true ones,

Thank you for being there for me all this while. I appreciate it very very much. For I had tasted the sweetest thing I had ever tasted. And one word that I could only describe about y'all is, y'all are just fabulous and I'm falling in love with y'all. Nothing more I could describe about it cause y'all are just too prefect, y'all created my life to who I am today. Thank you and friends always and forever.

"A real friend is one who walks in when the
rest of the world walks out.

by Walter Winchell

February 28, 2008

Step Up 2 @ MidValley

26th February 2008

Dated BroWil out for our second Step Up 2: The Streets. Basically is cause we watched Step Up 1 together also, so decided to watch the second one together also.

Movie at 700pm. He off work at 530pm so I left home at 530pm. Thought that he'll reach first then me but as usual, he's always late. LOL. I reached MV around 600pm, parked my car and straight away headed to GSC Reservation counter and collected the tickets. Dinner at Secret Recipe cause Bro can't decide and ask me to decide as usual. I met him there and guess what time he reached? Close to 630pm while the movie at 700pm. ~_~"" But luckily we finished our dinner in time and the movie has not start yet. If not I'll be nagging him all the way. Haha...But while we were walking to the cinema, he said;

Bro: What happen to you?
Me: What? What what happen to me?
Bro: How come your leg look plump?
Me: ~_~""

PLUMP !!! Yea la, I realise that myself too due to all the makaning from CNY and there's still lotsa food from CNY at home also. Haha....is irresistable la. But then he said my leg plump nvmlor, that fella still wanna poke on my leg while we were on the escallator. Imagine la, how embarassing he is, poking at people's leg in public. ~_~"" Some more not once, few times. DAMN !!!

We didn't take any pictures cause time was very limited that day.

As for the movie, hmmm.....quite hard to comment. Personally I really like both Step Up 1 & 2 with all the dance, the moves, the music but as for the story line part 1 is better then 2. Why? Part 1 is more detail in the storyline as for part 2 is those normal kind of story line like Andie(the actress name) skipped classes, given a chance to change and bla bla bla.....normal lor....

By the way, my right eyelids havs been jumping jumping since the evening around 800pm till now and it's irritating. Why ah? Is it a good or bad sign? Hmmm.....

February 26, 2008

Steam @ Jamie's

23rd February 2008

Steamboat at Jamie's place was really really a last minute planning. LOL. It happen when Ken asked me got what to do on saturday night at around 300pm while I was getting ready to go out for groceries shopping. Then I came out the idea to invite him and Wymen over to have dinner at my place since I'm going for groceries shopping. Then, don't know how it happen that we asked Jamie over for dinner as well and he said Jaeney is already preparing for dinner. And we ended asking Jaeney to stop preparing and change all to steamboat.

Since Jamie is still working, me and Ken in charge of the food. Went to fetch Ken then we headed to one of the wet market @ Old Klang Road, forgotten what's that place called.

Bought chicken, prawn, squid, 2 kind of vege's, eggs, noodle(yee mee) and varieties of tofu, fish ball and etc's and also not forgotten drinks. Jamie's still have a quarter bottle of Chivas and he demand us to finish it up that night. ~_~""

Reach their place at around 7, I did the cleaning and preparation of food and Jaeney help me out, the guys prepare the soup. While just in time, Jamie reach home and as for Wymen, he came later cause he's working late.

Pic's is up !!!

Steam !!! Steam !!! Steam !!!

Food !!! Food !!! Food !!!
We have KFC's as appetizer. See that bucket on the right? That piece is for Wymen.

Four of us trying out Jaeney's soup that she boiled earlier.
Peanuts with Pig Leg Soup(rephrase)
(is my direct translate from cantonese. LOL),
it's Black Bean with Pork

Wymen * Jamie * Ken
3 Ma Lat Lou finishing the rest of the food, sitting side by side on 3 little small chairs and 2 little small tables. So CUTE. Hahaha.....

After makan makan and cleaning up, all of us take turns to mandi mandi refreshed ourselves. By that time Wymen already left cause he needs to work the next day. Then we did our yumcha session at home and watched 8tv. LOL.

Joy Juice !!!

Jaeney * Me * Jamie
Happy Three Friends !!!

February 24, 2008

CNY Part 4 @ KL

19th February 2008 (14th Day of CNY)

Had a small gathering among the classmates for the celebration of CNY and also to our newly started semester, final semester.

Started off with a movie that we(Me, Alce, Sam, LeeYee, Chee Wen, Shaw Chiang & Carr Win) watched, Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Movie @ Cathay Cineplexe, Cineleisure

Supposingly we all were suppose to meet up at 430pm cause the movie was at 520pm, but it didn't work out. Everyone was not in time but due to the reason I'm the only one who's staying nearest to Cineleisure, so is my responsibility to go grab the tickets first.

After beli tickets, there's still another 20minutes till the movie starts and no one has arrive yet, so I walked around and spotted one of the ladies accessories shop on sale !!! Up to 70% wei....!!! How can I resist? Some more I found the accessories that I wanted to buy all this while was at the lowest price that I found so far. *GRINS*

White beaded necklace RM 6 &
Black necklace + pendant RM 8, and the good thing for this black necklace is, I can now combine the pendant that BroWil bought for me on my 19th B'day from Perlini's. =P

White & Black Glitter Bangles for only RM 5 each.

After movie, we headed for dinner at New Paris Restaurant(AGAIN) and is my 5th & final lou sang of this CNY.

The biggest lou sang among the others.

I call it the Watermelon Chicken
Sorry la, I don't know what's the dish name called ma.

Sweet & sour fish
(I don't know what kind of fish it is)

Fried Kai Lan

Their famous house dish
(Forgotten what's the dish name)

Anchor Beer Spare Ribs

Sitting from left: Bi Yan, Ai Shan, Alce, Carr Win, Shaw Chiang, Chee Wen, Lee Yee
Standing from left: Me, Sam

After all the makan makan until full full, a group picture was taken by the waiter. He volunteered himself to help us to take a picture since he saw me holding the camera and snapping pictures among ourselves. Such a nice waiter. Good service. Hahaha....

After dinner, we headed to........

.......yea, back to Cineleisure FRONT, Laundry Bar for a drink, was a last minute planning.

The all gurls picture.

And this is the end of my 2008 CNY post. Hope is still not too late for a last wish.
Happy Late Chinese New Year !!!

February 22, 2008

CNY Part 3 @ KL

I had my first 'lou sang' with my family back in Ipoh on the second day of CNY.

Then my second 'lou sang' with my ex-highschoolmates back in Ipoh too @ Moven Peak on the third day of CNY.

12th February 2008(6th day of CNY)

Mui * Jie & Tiff came and pick me up from my place and accompanied Tiff for interview. Then we headed to One U for late lunch @ Chatterbox.

Four of us again but this time Tiff in formal. Haha....
12 years of friendship and still lasting. Friendships lasts forever.

Jie * Me while waiting for Tiff.

15th February 2008 (9th day of CNY)

And my third 'lou sang' session took place at New Paris Restaurant with my bunch of ex-coursemates from previous college. After that we headed for karaoke session @ Redbox The Curve. Pictures for karaoke session is not gather all yet. Will be uploaded once is all gather up.

Lou lou lou !!! Whee....!!!

The girls

The guys

Wilson * Calvin * Me * Cheryl * JX

This time Bro(Wilson) can join already. Cause everytime he's the only one who can't make it for our meet ups. LOL !!!

16th February 2008 (10th day of CNY)

My fourth 'lou sang' took place at Pavillion Sakae Sushi with all my ex-collegemates.

Sakae Sushi has the nicest plate although is plastic. Haha....

CHEERS !!! For our long lasting friendships.
Guess which one is me? Hint hint: I lurve PURPLE.

Loong Loong * Me

A pic of us all after stomach full full di
from the vietnamese waitress.

Baby Ney * Me
And I spotted mirror AGAIN !!!
So far Pavillion restroom has the BEST
mirror compare to other malls restrooms. Hahaha....

A pic of us again in front of Sakae.
The best way to take picture and make sure everyone is in it without asking strangers to take for us. And is my idea. Hehe....self praise again. =P

And after dinner @ Sakae, 5 of us headed to Cheras for yumcha session till late at 'Pat Kin Pat San' together with my girls Tiff, Chloe, Elyn & Pou. Then I headed to Sg. Long, Tiff's place stayed over.

The new RM50 notes. Front or back.
And this is my first time saw the new RM 50 notes.

Back or front.
Got this from Loong Loong and took it for a snap.

Some comparison.

To me, I still prefer the old design cause the new one, the color is too light compare to the old green and the color look more like the RM100. People might mistaken it as RM100 if they didn't see the RM50 number. The design is simple. But I don't think people will care what kind of design it is, as long as its money and is used to buy stuff that's enough.

17th February 2008 (11th day of CNY)

The next day, before we headed out for lunch at Ampang for Yong Tau Foo. We snap some pictures but this is the only one that I got.

Twins * Me, Tiff the photographer.
Then 4 of us headed out for lunch.

Last post of CNY in Part 4, will be publish soon.

February 21, 2008

CNY Part 2 @ KL

Pictures do the talking.


$50 USD for angpau. Wuahaha....but then the currency drop di wor...

A small Jade Ru Yi from mommy.
In feng shui, Ru Yi symbolize in authority, control, abundance, wealth, career & networking.

Nike Campus PE Zip Fleece Hoody from mommy too.
She got it for only $20 USD, damn freaking cheap.

TADA !!!

Friends has been asking me how does my room look like? And here it is.
I rearrange my room a bit due to some feng shui. LOL.

More on Part 3.

February 18, 2008

CNY Part 1 @ Ipoh

Let's start with a lil lion dance...

Baby with his lil lion dance performance.
(Sniff, sniff, sniff ORANGE !!! I lurve ORANGEY !!!)

CNY in Ipoh was so so for me. Consider quite bored.

- Reunion dinner
Day 1 (Vegetarian day that's what I called it =P)
- Vege for half day
- Dinner @ cousin's place
- Went out yumcha with Ee Qeng & his friends
Day 2 (Hoi Lin)
- After lunch went down to Bidor visit second granny
- Dinner @ another cousin place again
Day 3
- Family went out visiting but I 'boikot' didn't wanna go cause friend did booking on me first(sis help me collect my angpau from the relatives =P)
- Friends visited me but actually visited Dad for angpau
- Went out yumcha
- Visited Tiff mum for angpau
- Had reunion dinner with my bunch of ex-highschool girls @ Moven Peak
- Mahjong @ Twins place till late & visited her mum
Day 4
- Balik KL

Not much pics was taken on this reunion cause everyone was so busy talking and laughing catching up with each others life. Although not all able to attend but we still have fun.

Attended: Me, Crystalbelle, Iris & Andy(the BF), Chloe, Pou, Tiff, Winnie, Shanice & Weng Kit(the BF)
Unattend: Renee, Christine, Samantha, Yee Mun, Jasmine

Moments from the reunion

Me * Crystalbelle

Me * Winnie the long lost friend. The last time we saw each other
was 6 years ago and our conversation still going quite well.

More to come in CNY Part 2 - KL.

Hello to Year 3 Sem 6

YEAY !!! Class resume TOMORROW !!!

Isn't it the happiest thing to happen? After all the saddening and emo things happen to me.

I just can't wait to see my Babi Clan again !!! Hehe.....

But a sad thing to happen also cause this will be my final semester, my Babi Clan will be drifting off also.

Louise will be going back to UK doing her master.
Alce maybe staying in Malaysia or MAYBE going back to Jakarta for GOOD. =(
Sam will be going to China.
Lee Yee will be in Malaysia most probably.
Chee Wen will be in Malaysia too or furthering her studies.
And as for me, I had enough of studies, will be focusing on my career in Malaysia as a starting point and work up the ladder. =P

Gonna enjoy this semester to the MAX with you guys. Wheeee.......!!!!

February 13, 2008

The two "F" word

I came back to KL on the 10th happily, really looking forward to meet up with that special someone but few hours later after I reached KL, I got to know something that I really didn't expect to happen. I really didn't see this coming. The thing that you least expected it to happen and that's the BIGGEST chances it will happen. I really regretted coming back to KL so early. But then come to think about it, sooner or later I will know about the news.

For a moment after I knowing the news, I was stunt in front of my screen. I did not know how to react to it and seconds after I felt like crying but it seems like tears wouldn't roll down. Instead, my thoughts of LIES, HATRED, DISAPPOINTMENTS and EMOTIONAL all at once. Why I felt so?

I'm disappointed with all your words that turn out to be all lies.
I hate Hate HATE people who lie and not being truthful from the very minute we started this friendship. The truth between us is all just lies Lies and LIES !!!
Emo appears because I trusted you wrongly.

You said that you wouldn't hurt me but now you already did, even more painful.
If you would have told me the truth I wouldn't be so hurt now.
And because of this, I had remove our picture from my FS. Is no longer something that is worth for me to remain since you too did so.

For that moment my anger is burning from my toes to my head and at that moment I decided to walk off, shutting down myself from you cause I know is no use to start a friendship where nothing but just lies from the very start. You made me disappointed in you.

But for the past 2 days, this thing has been making me real sad. Where I came to think about instead of making myself feeling so sad over someone who is not worth to be sad of, why not I make myself happier. So I decided to Forgive and Forget. But I'm sure things wouldn't be as usual already. Things needs time to mend and I need time to heal.

Anyway, I'm fine now. Still healing my scattered heart.

PS: CNY updates will be up soon.

February 1, 2008


Is 635am now and I can't sleep. Not to say can't sleep, I slept at 2something just now and suddenly woke up at 5something till now. Don't know why. Am now at Sg. Long, my girls place cause am going back Ipoh together with Iris and Crystalbelle in the noon today for CNY celebration. I'm gonna be away for around a week plus, am still not sure when will be back to KL. Most probably will be on the Valentine's week. I'm gonna miss KL very much especially all my friends in KL. Here comes the listing...

* I'm gonna miss my buddies Jamie, Jaeney, Wymen, Ken, Jaimy
* I'm gonna miss my bro, Wilson
* I'm gonna miss my babi clan Alce, Louise, LeeYee, Chee Wen and my kaki for you know what, Sam
* And for that special someone, I'm not gonna said that I'm gonna miss you cause I know you'll know I be missing you the most =P

Later I'll be left alone at home cause Iris and Crystalbelle gonna go for class and Tiff got to go for work. So left me alone with the 2 rascals, Fluffy and QQ. Yea, am bringing Fluffy back with me instead of him following sis, sis said scare he's lonely left alone in KL while she go to work wor.....so manja. I manja him a lot too cause he's part of my life also. Hehe.....and QQ is Crystalbelle's girl. So you can imagine when both Shih Tzu meet la.....Fluffy humping her all the way. ~_~""

OK !!! I'm crapping too much here already. Think my next update will be after I come back from CNY.

I'm not missing you......