February 1, 2008


Is 635am now and I can't sleep. Not to say can't sleep, I slept at 2something just now and suddenly woke up at 5something till now. Don't know why. Am now at Sg. Long, my girls place cause am going back Ipoh together with Iris and Crystalbelle in the noon today for CNY celebration. I'm gonna be away for around a week plus, am still not sure when will be back to KL. Most probably will be on the Valentine's week. I'm gonna miss KL very much especially all my friends in KL. Here comes the listing...

* I'm gonna miss my buddies Jamie, Jaeney, Wymen, Ken, Jaimy
* I'm gonna miss my bro, Wilson
* I'm gonna miss my babi clan Alce, Louise, LeeYee, Chee Wen and my kaki for you know what, Sam
* And for that special someone, I'm not gonna said that I'm gonna miss you cause I know you'll know I be missing you the most =P

Later I'll be left alone at home cause Iris and Crystalbelle gonna go for class and Tiff got to go for work. So left me alone with the 2 rascals, Fluffy and QQ. Yea, am bringing Fluffy back with me instead of him following sis, sis said scare he's lonely left alone in KL while she go to work wor.....so manja. I manja him a lot too cause he's part of my life also. Hehe.....and QQ is Crystalbelle's girl. So you can imagine when both Shih Tzu meet la.....Fluffy humping her all the way. ~_~""

OK !!! I'm crapping too much here already. Think my next update will be after I come back from CNY.

I'm not missing you......

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