February 18, 2008

CNY Part 1 @ Ipoh

Let's start with a lil lion dance...

Baby with his lil lion dance performance.
(Sniff, sniff, sniff ORANGE !!! I lurve ORANGEY !!!)

CNY in Ipoh was so so for me. Consider quite bored.

- Reunion dinner
Day 1 (Vegetarian day that's what I called it =P)
- Vege for half day
- Dinner @ cousin's place
- Went out yumcha with Ee Qeng & his friends
Day 2 (Hoi Lin)
- After lunch went down to Bidor visit second granny
- Dinner @ another cousin place again
Day 3
- Family went out visiting but I 'boikot' didn't wanna go cause friend did booking on me first(sis help me collect my angpau from the relatives =P)
- Friends visited me but actually visited Dad for angpau
- Went out yumcha
- Visited Tiff mum for angpau
- Had reunion dinner with my bunch of ex-highschool girls @ Moven Peak
- Mahjong @ Twins place till late & visited her mum
Day 4
- Balik KL

Not much pics was taken on this reunion cause everyone was so busy talking and laughing catching up with each others life. Although not all able to attend but we still have fun.

Attended: Me, Crystalbelle, Iris & Andy(the BF), Chloe, Pou, Tiff, Winnie, Shanice & Weng Kit(the BF)
Unattend: Renee, Christine, Samantha, Yee Mun, Jasmine

Moments from the reunion

Me * Crystalbelle

Me * Winnie the long lost friend. The last time we saw each other
was 6 years ago and our conversation still going quite well.

More to come in CNY Part 2 - KL.


J o s h u a said...

oioioi... cepat come out yam cha lo...

Sweet-Lil-Devilish said...

LOL !!! You din ajak also. Hmpt...some more you are such a bz man.