February 22, 2008

CNY Part 3 @ KL

I had my first 'lou sang' with my family back in Ipoh on the second day of CNY.

Then my second 'lou sang' with my ex-highschoolmates back in Ipoh too @ Moven Peak on the third day of CNY.

12th February 2008(6th day of CNY)

Mui * Jie & Tiff came and pick me up from my place and accompanied Tiff for interview. Then we headed to One U for late lunch @ Chatterbox.

Four of us again but this time Tiff in formal. Haha....
12 years of friendship and still lasting. Friendships lasts forever.

Jie * Me while waiting for Tiff.

15th February 2008 (9th day of CNY)

And my third 'lou sang' session took place at New Paris Restaurant with my bunch of ex-coursemates from previous college. After that we headed for karaoke session @ Redbox The Curve. Pictures for karaoke session is not gather all yet. Will be uploaded once is all gather up.

Lou lou lou !!! Whee....!!!

The girls

The guys

Wilson * Calvin * Me * Cheryl * JX

This time Bro(Wilson) can join already. Cause everytime he's the only one who can't make it for our meet ups. LOL !!!

16th February 2008 (10th day of CNY)

My fourth 'lou sang' took place at Pavillion Sakae Sushi with all my ex-collegemates.

Sakae Sushi has the nicest plate although is plastic. Haha....

CHEERS !!! For our long lasting friendships.
Guess which one is me? Hint hint: I lurve PURPLE.

Loong Loong * Me

A pic of us all after stomach full full di
from the vietnamese waitress.

Baby Ney * Me
And I spotted mirror AGAIN !!!
So far Pavillion restroom has the BEST
mirror compare to other malls restrooms. Hahaha....

A pic of us again in front of Sakae.
The best way to take picture and make sure everyone is in it without asking strangers to take for us. And is my idea. Hehe....self praise again. =P

And after dinner @ Sakae, 5 of us headed to Cheras for yumcha session till late at 'Pat Kin Pat San' together with my girls Tiff, Chloe, Elyn & Pou. Then I headed to Sg. Long, Tiff's place stayed over.

The new RM50 notes. Front or back.
And this is my first time saw the new RM 50 notes.

Back or front.
Got this from Loong Loong and took it for a snap.

Some comparison.

To me, I still prefer the old design cause the new one, the color is too light compare to the old green and the color look more like the RM100. People might mistaken it as RM100 if they didn't see the RM50 number. The design is simple. But I don't think people will care what kind of design it is, as long as its money and is used to buy stuff that's enough.

17th February 2008 (11th day of CNY)

The next day, before we headed out for lunch at Ampang for Yong Tau Foo. We snap some pictures but this is the only one that I got.

Twins * Me, Tiff the photographer.
Then 4 of us headed out for lunch.

Last post of CNY in Part 4, will be publish soon.

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