February 24, 2008

CNY Part 4 @ KL

19th February 2008 (14th Day of CNY)

Had a small gathering among the classmates for the celebration of CNY and also to our newly started semester, final semester.

Started off with a movie that we(Me, Alce, Sam, LeeYee, Chee Wen, Shaw Chiang & Carr Win) watched, Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Movie @ Cathay Cineplexe, Cineleisure

Supposingly we all were suppose to meet up at 430pm cause the movie was at 520pm, but it didn't work out. Everyone was not in time but due to the reason I'm the only one who's staying nearest to Cineleisure, so is my responsibility to go grab the tickets first.

After beli tickets, there's still another 20minutes till the movie starts and no one has arrive yet, so I walked around and spotted one of the ladies accessories shop on sale !!! Up to 70% wei....!!! How can I resist? Some more I found the accessories that I wanted to buy all this while was at the lowest price that I found so far. *GRINS*

White beaded necklace RM 6 &
Black necklace + pendant RM 8, and the good thing for this black necklace is, I can now combine the pendant that BroWil bought for me on my 19th B'day from Perlini's. =P

White & Black Glitter Bangles for only RM 5 each.

After movie, we headed for dinner at New Paris Restaurant(AGAIN) and is my 5th & final lou sang of this CNY.

The biggest lou sang among the others.

I call it the Watermelon Chicken
Sorry la, I don't know what's the dish name called ma.

Sweet & sour fish
(I don't know what kind of fish it is)

Fried Kai Lan

Their famous house dish
(Forgotten what's the dish name)

Anchor Beer Spare Ribs

Sitting from left: Bi Yan, Ai Shan, Alce, Carr Win, Shaw Chiang, Chee Wen, Lee Yee
Standing from left: Me, Sam

After all the makan makan until full full, a group picture was taken by the waiter. He volunteered himself to help us to take a picture since he saw me holding the camera and snapping pictures among ourselves. Such a nice waiter. Good service. Hahaha....

After dinner, we headed to........

.......yea, back to Cineleisure FRONT, Laundry Bar for a drink, was a last minute planning.

The all gurls picture.

And this is the end of my 2008 CNY post. Hope is still not too late for a last wish.
Happy Late Chinese New Year !!!

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