February 29, 2008


Making friends is easy but to know which friend will stay by you for the rest of your life is hard. Only the true ones will stay with you side by side. No matter how busy they can be, they will always have the time to leave a message or two in your inbox to send their regards.

As for the others who are just passerby(that's what I call them) while you are moving with your life they can be up to a hundred or thousand or even more but in the end there's only one that will be true to you.

To those passerby that came into my life,

Thank you for coming into my life and leave some footsteps in my life for I had already tasted the bitter sweet that you all had left in this almost not existed friendship and thanks for letting me know who is true and who are just passerby. Where by I do not need to waste too much of my time on whoever you are to build a friendship.

And nonetheless,

To those who know who are true ones,

Thank you for being there for me all this while. I appreciate it very very much. For I had tasted the sweetest thing I had ever tasted. And one word that I could only describe about y'all is, y'all are just fabulous and I'm falling in love with y'all. Nothing more I could describe about it cause y'all are just too prefect, y'all created my life to who I am today. Thank you and friends always and forever.

"A real friend is one who walks in when the
rest of the world walks out.

by Walter Winchell


Leelee said...

True, it makes you stronger and more aware of those you meet in the future. But no matter what, you will have all your clans with you *hugs*.

I'm glad I met you, Ms Calm Calm ^-^!

Anonymous said...

deffinately there is a reason or two for you to be friends..you'll be able to learn new things from every friendship you make, no mater how the outcome may be..but matters is how we look at it.


Jamie said...