February 18, 2008

Hello to Year 3 Sem 6

YEAY !!! Class resume TOMORROW !!!

Isn't it the happiest thing to happen? After all the saddening and emo things happen to me.

I just can't wait to see my Babi Clan again !!! Hehe.....

But a sad thing to happen also cause this will be my final semester, my Babi Clan will be drifting off also.

Louise will be going back to UK doing her master.
Alce maybe staying in Malaysia or MAYBE going back to Jakarta for GOOD. =(
Sam will be going to China.
Lee Yee will be in Malaysia most probably.
Chee Wen will be in Malaysia too or furthering her studies.
And as for me, I had enough of studies, will be focusing on my career in Malaysia as a starting point and work up the ladder. =P

Gonna enjoy this semester to the MAX with you guys. Wheeee.......!!!!

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