February 26, 2008

Steam @ Jamie's

23rd February 2008

Steamboat at Jamie's place was really really a last minute planning. LOL. It happen when Ken asked me got what to do on saturday night at around 300pm while I was getting ready to go out for groceries shopping. Then I came out the idea to invite him and Wymen over to have dinner at my place since I'm going for groceries shopping. Then, don't know how it happen that we asked Jamie over for dinner as well and he said Jaeney is already preparing for dinner. And we ended asking Jaeney to stop preparing and change all to steamboat.

Since Jamie is still working, me and Ken in charge of the food. Went to fetch Ken then we headed to one of the wet market @ Old Klang Road, forgotten what's that place called.

Bought chicken, prawn, squid, 2 kind of vege's, eggs, noodle(yee mee) and varieties of tofu, fish ball and etc's and also not forgotten drinks. Jamie's still have a quarter bottle of Chivas and he demand us to finish it up that night. ~_~""

Reach their place at around 7, I did the cleaning and preparation of food and Jaeney help me out, the guys prepare the soup. While just in time, Jamie reach home and as for Wymen, he came later cause he's working late.

Pic's is up !!!

Steam !!! Steam !!! Steam !!!

Food !!! Food !!! Food !!!
We have KFC's as appetizer. See that bucket on the right? That piece is for Wymen.

Four of us trying out Jaeney's soup that she boiled earlier.
Peanuts with Pig Leg Soup(rephrase)
(is my direct translate from cantonese. LOL),
it's Black Bean with Pork

Wymen * Jamie * Ken
3 Ma Lat Lou finishing the rest of the food, sitting side by side on 3 little small chairs and 2 little small tables. So CUTE. Hahaha.....

After makan makan and cleaning up, all of us take turns to mandi mandi refreshed ourselves. By that time Wymen already left cause he needs to work the next day. Then we did our yumcha session at home and watched 8tv. LOL.

Joy Juice !!!

Jaeney * Me * Jamie
Happy Three Friends !!!

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