February 28, 2008

Step Up 2 @ MidValley

26th February 2008

Dated BroWil out for our second Step Up 2: The Streets. Basically is cause we watched Step Up 1 together also, so decided to watch the second one together also.

Movie at 700pm. He off work at 530pm so I left home at 530pm. Thought that he'll reach first then me but as usual, he's always late. LOL. I reached MV around 600pm, parked my car and straight away headed to GSC Reservation counter and collected the tickets. Dinner at Secret Recipe cause Bro can't decide and ask me to decide as usual. I met him there and guess what time he reached? Close to 630pm while the movie at 700pm. ~_~"" But luckily we finished our dinner in time and the movie has not start yet. If not I'll be nagging him all the way. Haha...But while we were walking to the cinema, he said;

Bro: What happen to you?
Me: What? What what happen to me?
Bro: How come your leg look plump?
Me: ~_~""

PLUMP !!! Yea la, I realise that myself too due to all the makaning from CNY and there's still lotsa food from CNY at home also. Haha....is irresistable la. But then he said my leg plump nvmlor, that fella still wanna poke on my leg while we were on the escallator. Imagine la, how embarassing he is, poking at people's leg in public. ~_~"" Some more not once, few times. DAMN !!!

We didn't take any pictures cause time was very limited that day.

As for the movie, hmmm.....quite hard to comment. Personally I really like both Step Up 1 & 2 with all the dance, the moves, the music but as for the story line part 1 is better then 2. Why? Part 1 is more detail in the storyline as for part 2 is those normal kind of story line like Andie(the actress name) skipped classes, given a chance to change and bla bla bla.....normal lor....

By the way, my right eyelids havs been jumping jumping since the evening around 800pm till now and it's irritating. Why ah? Is it a good or bad sign? Hmmm.....

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