February 13, 2008

The two "F" word

I came back to KL on the 10th happily, really looking forward to meet up with that special someone but few hours later after I reached KL, I got to know something that I really didn't expect to happen. I really didn't see this coming. The thing that you least expected it to happen and that's the BIGGEST chances it will happen. I really regretted coming back to KL so early. But then come to think about it, sooner or later I will know about the news.

For a moment after I knowing the news, I was stunt in front of my screen. I did not know how to react to it and seconds after I felt like crying but it seems like tears wouldn't roll down. Instead, my thoughts of LIES, HATRED, DISAPPOINTMENTS and EMOTIONAL all at once. Why I felt so?

I'm disappointed with all your words that turn out to be all lies.
I hate Hate HATE people who lie and not being truthful from the very minute we started this friendship. The truth between us is all just lies Lies and LIES !!!
Emo appears because I trusted you wrongly.

You said that you wouldn't hurt me but now you already did, even more painful.
If you would have told me the truth I wouldn't be so hurt now.
And because of this, I had remove our picture from my FS. Is no longer something that is worth for me to remain since you too did so.

For that moment my anger is burning from my toes to my head and at that moment I decided to walk off, shutting down myself from you cause I know is no use to start a friendship where nothing but just lies from the very start. You made me disappointed in you.

But for the past 2 days, this thing has been making me real sad. Where I came to think about instead of making myself feeling so sad over someone who is not worth to be sad of, why not I make myself happier. So I decided to Forgive and Forget. But I'm sure things wouldn't be as usual already. Things needs time to mend and I need time to heal.

Anyway, I'm fine now. Still healing my scattered heart.

PS: CNY updates will be up soon.

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