March 30, 2008

Bad week

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Yea....had quite a bad week, last week. Here's the list:

* College organised a project for us where by we can gain experience on dealing with the client in the packaging industry. First day(Monday) started off with very excited. Excited about, how's our client gonna be, was he/she a nice guy or vice versa but it didn't actually turn out to be what I thought. A very picky client that we had. By the way, I was grouping with Sam. And as for the following 4 days, ended like hell. Rejection from the client, pressure and shooting from the lecturer, sleepless nights, stoned for the whole week, stress and tension for that whole week. Oh ya, each group has their own assistant from the second year student. But the assistant that I had was........oh........don't want to mention about it. Just that me and Sam got the blame from the lecturer because of my "so called" assistant. Why? Cause we didn't babysit and spoon feed him. DAMN !!!

Personally, I had experience in the packaging industry cause I worked in one of the packaging design house. And that experience wasn't hell of a hectic like the project that the college held. Plus, lecturer help? I don't think they helped a lot instead they worsen it. Thanks for making us have more confussion in this one week project. (Some of you might think that I don't appretiate the effort that the lecturer provide or what-so-ever but you're not in my shoe so wouldn't know the taste of it.)

* Then, on Wednesday, as usual, woke up early morning, get ready, go to the basement carpark get my car ready to go to college. Get in the car, wanna start the engine and DAMN again !!! Engine not starting, tried a couple of times but still not working. Ended, *kring kring* Sam. And he had become my driver for 3 days straight. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Thanks Sam Daddy for being so kind for "tumpang-ing" me and without asking me for petrol money. =P Okla, lunch will be on me. I owe you.

* Thursday, reach home from college. Saw Fluffy's pee on the balcony, went into the toilet to fill up the water in the pail. Turn on the tap, while turning the tap, whole thing came off. Water splashing and bursting everywhere. Sis not home yet, no one help me to off the main water pipe. Fluffy looking at me innocently while I was holding on to the tap to avoid water splashing all over the toilet. Ended, used a pail to cover the tap. Went out, switched off the main water pipe. Then only I noticed, I was soaked and wet. I even hurt my finger while was trying to hold the water, yea, my finger skin came off. DAMN !!!

* Oh ya......brought my car to fix today. My car battery "konged" out. Need a jumper to start it. So ended RM 160 to end my whole bad week.

P/S: ANIS !!! I want my paycheque ASAP !!! (Anis is my lecturer)

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