March 23, 2008

College Field Trip to Post Production Site

12th March 2008

As promise. Here are the updates. LOTSA updates coming up, so AGAIN pictures do most of the talking ya. =P

The post production site is located at Bandar Sri Damansara, industrial area.

Classmates but not all is in the picture

Waiting for our transport

On the way - Piggies being kidnapped in the van

The Kidnapper

Meet my Folkers =P

Laminating Process

There's actually a few kind of lamination. The one that I'm showing is glossy lamination and matting lamination. The difference is glossy surface is like the photography paper. A shiny layer on the artwork, normally applies to leaflet, brochure, paperbags and etc's. Matting is a smoother surface, this normally applies to packaging, greeting cards.

Figure 1: The roll of mat is being run through the machine to apply the glue and then run under the heat together with the artwork. It is to dry up the glue and also to prevent bubble of aire caught in between the the artwork and lamination.
Figure 2: Laminated process on the printed artwork
Figure 3: Sample of glossy lamination

Figure 4: Rolls of lamination materials
Figure 5: Sample of matting lamination

Spot UV

Spot UV is applied to a particular space in the artwork that need special treatment.
Artwork that needed Spot UV needs a silkscreen frame to be exposed on according to the shape.

Figure 6: Silkscreen is being exposed with the machine. The duration of exposure depend on how big the artwork is.
Figure 7: Frame that is being exposed can be used for Spot UV
Figure 8: The particular space on the artwork that needed Spot UV is being applied

Figure 9: Sample of Spot UV, the shiny part is known as Spot UV while the rest of the artwork has no Spot UV

Figure 10: For those that needed the whole artwork being exposed, is run under this machine.

Where by this does not need to have silkscreen. Silkscreen is only used when small space of the artwork need special treatment(Spot UV).


Heading to the diecut warehouse

Die Cutting

Diecut is the shape of the boxes or cards that need to be cut and fold.

Figure 11: The shape of the diecut is being cut on the plywood
Figure 12: The blades is being cut according to the wood. Places that need to be cut, the blades are sharp. Places that needs to be fold, the blades are blunt.
Figure 13: The old series of diecut machine(but still working)

Figure 14: The diecutting for stickers
Figure 15: The different kind of display stand

Figure 16: Machine that made the diecutting. The pressure of the cutting can be set on the machine.
Figure 17: Stack of artwork that is being cut.


I found fishes there too =P
I used to have this kinda fish back home. Very cute wan. The way they fight is like kissing each other. Hahaha....

The steep stairs

The van that shout "Tau fu fa, Tau jiong sui !!! "

I looked short in this picture

The babies and their babysitter's

Me and my Elmo

On the way back to college, having major discussion



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