March 23, 2008

Gurl's Night Out @ Scarlet

19th March 2008

Since I've got 2 March babies turning to be 21st this year. And cause they can now officially step into the club. So all decided to make a girl's night out. There has been times I asked both of them to club and they dare not due to they are under age plus the stories that I told them scares them backon off.

But now, we made it. Our very first girl's night out. As usual, me the event planner and there's 8 of us. Me, Alce, LeeYee, Chee Wen, Louise, Yung Lin, Zi Shan and Fui Ping.

Louise * Chee Wen, the just turned 21st girls

Chee Wen * Me * Yung Lin

This girl's seems like going somewhere adi

Alce * Me

The 2 tube girl

Hennesy Ad
I like this pic the best !!!

My babysitter * Me

Chee Wen * Me

Me * Alce * Yung Lin * LeeYee

Caught in the act !!!

Smooch Smooch ~~~

A group picture always makes thing become perfect

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