March 12, 2008

I LURVE Elmo !!!

Currently listening to The Click Five - Jenny

Sis went to Hatyai last weekend and she got me THISSSS......

A pair of Crocs slippers =|

I personally don't like it because of the design but after looking and trying it on, it actually look kinda cute, real comfortable and VERY light compare to the size when you look at it. It feels like you are wearing nothing on your feet. I'll make it as a casual wear. =P

A Handbag =)

I like the flower that makes it look more interesting

The "KEPOCHI BOI" & Elmo Tee !!! =P

The B & W version of Elmo and me. LOL.

And a color version of Elmo and me also. BUT......

I like this the BEST !!!
I'm contented !!!

Shame on me for being so narcissism in this entry.

Thanks Sis for the prezzie's.

Next entry: College short trip to post production site


SimpleJoshua said...

muahaha... I've got an ELMO tee too... from SS (sesame street)
hahahaha... :)
showing off your pressies!!!

ish.... i hate crocs... get a pair of birkies!!! they rock!!!
btw... i hate hate yellow... haha

where's my pressies??? darn... so bad!

Sweet-Lil-Devilish said...

Then yours one sure is ori wan lor, mine is a replica lor 'paiseh' haha...., you know la...the stuff they sell in Hatyai.

Showing off? Haha...that's part of the blog usage rite?

I don't like crocs nor birki's wor, well...maybe some of the designs, depends. Wei, your fav color also got yellow in it la. Haha...

U wan prezzie's should ask from my sis lor, I also didn't go to Hatyai.