March 6, 2008

Random Updates

Hey peeps, really sorry for the late updates. Been very lazy to blog unless 'IF' anynone happen to read it. LOL. Sometimes I do wonder, did anyone happened to be nice and spend some little of their time to read my blog?

Let's just start off with......Baby's emo pic.

Why ??? Here's why.


The tools

The opening ceremony of cutting FURRRR ~~~

This is the different , left hand: before potong, right hand: after potong.

Halfway through the potong session

His expression shows it all in this picture. He really hate the shaver.

The grainnnnnn~~~ started, and that's how shocking he looked like. Cutie...

Pic 1: His innocent look always melt my heart away made me wanted to pinch him so much.
Pic 2: My 'so called' half Schnauzer
Pic 3: Continue potong

Baby's in the process of potong, both side and front view.

This whole bucket contains his FURRR~~~ that lasted for a year. LOL !!!

I didn't know baby's tail look like this when all his furr being potong. So cute.

The outcome: He's full of joy.
Now he can run faster, jump easier, sleep on bed, felt a lot more cooling and he used to be just active, now he is even more hyperactive.

Close up, Front and Side View.

I didn't know that he know how to peep.

And I didn't know that he know how to pose until so 'yau yeng' too.

And also not to be forgotten, Baby's birthday is coming soon. Whee.....!!!

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rickydaskylinez said...

geli la... b4 dat betta.... lol...