March 12, 2008

Spiderwick & The Jumper

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The Spiderwick Chronicles

Watched The Spiderwick Chronicles on the election day with my college clan. Hmmm...not much comment on this movie. I would say is just another fantasies movies, like story telling time. All that happen is only about the book, the house and the goblins. LOL. Personal rating would be 5/10.

Oh ya, while I was browsing for the Spiderwick website, I even found this website. It's about the Spiderwick BOOKS, I didn't know that they have books. Four books combined and became a movie, interesting. It has their own blog, children illustrations, art gallery, awards and etc's. Can just check it out @ here.

The Jumper

The movie that I had always wanted to watch but all my friends watched a lot earlier then me. Thought that I'm gonna be ended buying the dvd back home BUT it happened that Wymen haven't watch and we watched together lor last Sunday.
The movie disappointed me actually, is like not much different with any other superhero movies that they have their own power. Personal rating would be 5/10.

But anyway Hayden Christensen is like handsome. LOL. I didn't realise it until he casted in this movie. When he casted in "StarWars as Anakin Skywalker" he's just normal. Maybe is because the older he gets the manner he turns out to be. LOL.

Anyway, NEXT movie to catch, 10000 BC, ANYONE ??? Hehe...

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