April 25, 2008

April Babies

I'm so so so SORRY for posting this entry so late. My bad.....y'all should know why la.

This month Birthday Babies

Birthday wishes to all the babies.......

Sam(b'day falls on the 11th)

(Haha...don't kill me if you see this pic =P)
Happy Belated 23rd Birthday Bestie !!!


Kenjee(b'day falls on the 29th)

Happy 22nd Birthday Bestie !!!


Vivien(b'day falls on the 30th)

Happy 23rd Birthday Bestie !!!


Tiff's 22nd B'day

Currently listening to Janet Jackson - Luv

Sorry dude for dedicating this post for you this late, was really busy with assignment. We celebrated Tiff's birthday at Korean Stone BBQ Steamboat @ Ampang on her birthday eve which is on the 30th March. Hehe....anyway, pictures do the talking.

Everyone busy steaming

Cheersszzzz !!!

Jie * Me

Mui * Tiff

The Sisters

Mui * Jie * Me

Jie * Chloe * Me

Chloe * Jie

Chloe * Me

Five of US

Lansi Me =P

Happy 22nd Birthday Tiff !!!

The Group pic. Friends always and forever.
Since primary 4. Love y'all lotz.

Next entry: April babies

Dine & Wine @ Vintry

As promised from the past entry, updates from my visit to Vintry. Sorry la, no pictures available cause I forgotten to bring along my camera and the pictures that I took with my phone sucks. Hehe....

Anyway, I went to Vintry @ Damansara Heights back 3 weeks ago. The food there is even a lot better then their the other branch at the new Jaya 33. We had a bottle of Merlot, Stone Cellars by Beringer 2004. By the way I went with my sis. Yea, we both has the same taste in food and wine. Then we ordered a grilled lamb, roast pork and a fried rice. Last but not least, a Tiramisu for dessert. Yummy, the Tiramisu was awesome.

The grilled lamb was a soft and tender one, the roast pork as well. I missed it so much. Fried rice is a not bad one also. And the Tiramisu fullfills everything for that night. AWESOME !!! I still remember how those foods taste like in my mouth now while I'm typing this. Hahahaha......I'm gonna visit there again. Missed the grilled lamb, roast pork and tiramisu ~~~

Trust me, is worth to go there and try. =P

P/S: And guess what? I got another summon again on Tuesday. GREAT !!! THREE summons in less than a week. DAMN !!!

April 20, 2008

Random Blabbling

First of all I'm SORRY for no updates for almost a month. Second I have a reason to it.

I'm all stucked up.
I'm having late night sleep.
I notice I'm loosing weight due to disorder of eating habit.
I'm having pale face.
Not energetic.
Not a refreshed look.
Two big panda eyes.
No mood.
I'm stressed.

And on top of all those, the reason to it is I'm dealing with my final projects. I'm dealing with 2 projects at the same time. My designs got rejected for one of the project and I need to come out with something else in 2 weeks time. GREAT !!! Another project is still fine.

And other then that, I had a black Friday last week. Designs got rejected and two summons in a row. I know I'm in a wrong for the first summon cause I was in a rush and forgotten to pay the parking. The second one, well, I've always wanted to complain about it. Ok, what's the matter with KBU students parking outside, along the road? While the bumiputra people having their Friday prayers can have their car parked up to three lanes on the main road, the BU road (I dunno what's that road call). Changing from two lanes to one lane. WTF. And this is call fair and patriotic. Full of bullshits. It has not been the first time KBU students car got summons. Ok, maybe we should be summon due to the rules but why not them as well? URGH.....I'm so frustrated with this. Damn it !!! Is just so not FAIR !!!

Ok ok, I'm trying to cool myself down. What's next? Erm....think that's all for my random babbling session. Gonna work on my final projects with triple hard engine for another two weeks till my last presentation. And again SORRY for no updates. Promise I'll be updating all about my happenings after I come back from rave. Hehehehe.....I can't wait for the rave cause after my presentation day, the next 2 days is the rave. Woohoo......

April 10, 2008


So so so sorry for no updates for the past 2 weeks. Been lazying and busy with projects. Promise that updates will be up soon. Promise....