April 20, 2008

Random Blabbling

First of all I'm SORRY for no updates for almost a month. Second I have a reason to it.

I'm all stucked up.
I'm having late night sleep.
I notice I'm loosing weight due to disorder of eating habit.
I'm having pale face.
Not energetic.
Not a refreshed look.
Two big panda eyes.
No mood.
I'm stressed.

And on top of all those, the reason to it is I'm dealing with my final projects. I'm dealing with 2 projects at the same time. My designs got rejected for one of the project and I need to come out with something else in 2 weeks time. GREAT !!! Another project is still fine.

And other then that, I had a black Friday last week. Designs got rejected and two summons in a row. I know I'm in a wrong for the first summon cause I was in a rush and forgotten to pay the parking. The second one, well, I've always wanted to complain about it. Ok, what's the matter with KBU students parking outside, along the road? While the bumiputra people having their Friday prayers can have their car parked up to three lanes on the main road, the BU road (I dunno what's that road call). Changing from two lanes to one lane. WTF. And this is call fair and patriotic. Full of bullshits. It has not been the first time KBU students car got summons. Ok, maybe we should be summon due to the rules but why not them as well? URGH.....I'm so frustrated with this. Damn it !!! Is just so not FAIR !!!

Ok ok, I'm trying to cool myself down. What's next? Erm....think that's all for my random babbling session. Gonna work on my final projects with triple hard engine for another two weeks till my last presentation. And again SORRY for no updates. Promise I'll be updating all about my happenings after I come back from rave. Hehehehe.....I can't wait for the rave cause after my presentation day, the next 2 days is the rave. Woohoo......

1 comment:

UncleJosh said...

chill chill... if you need help with project
i can always chip in some ideas ya... :)
and about the summons...
trust me... i've been through worse