April 25, 2008

Tiff's 22nd B'day

Currently listening to Janet Jackson - Luv

Sorry dude for dedicating this post for you this late, was really busy with assignment. We celebrated Tiff's birthday at Korean Stone BBQ Steamboat @ Ampang on her birthday eve which is on the 30th March. Hehe....anyway, pictures do the talking.

Everyone busy steaming

Cheersszzzz !!!

Jie * Me

Mui * Tiff

The Sisters

Mui * Jie * Me

Jie * Chloe * Me

Chloe * Jie

Chloe * Me

Five of US

Lansi Me =P

Happy 22nd Birthday Tiff !!!

The Group pic. Friends always and forever.
Since primary 4. Love y'all lotz.

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UncleJosh said...

aiyer... people bday and you're wearing your SS t-shirt...
don't give face lo... haha... :)
having so much fun eh... and you're so mean not to ask me along when there's occasion like that


Sweet-Lil-Devilish said...

HAR??? Wearing my Elmo also don't give face ah? Then wear what only give face? Aiya, you also never ask me lor.....said me pulak. Hmpt !!!