April 25, 2008

Dine & Wine @ Vintry

As promised from the past entry, updates from my visit to Vintry. Sorry la, no pictures available cause I forgotten to bring along my camera and the pictures that I took with my phone sucks. Hehe....

Anyway, I went to Vintry @ Damansara Heights back 3 weeks ago. The food there is even a lot better then their the other branch at the new Jaya 33. We had a bottle of Merlot, Stone Cellars by Beringer 2004. By the way I went with my sis. Yea, we both has the same taste in food and wine. Then we ordered a grilled lamb, roast pork and a fried rice. Last but not least, a Tiramisu for dessert. Yummy, the Tiramisu was awesome.

The grilled lamb was a soft and tender one, the roast pork as well. I missed it so much. Fried rice is a not bad one also. And the Tiramisu fullfills everything for that night. AWESOME !!! I still remember how those foods taste like in my mouth now while I'm typing this. Hahahaha......I'm gonna visit there again. Missed the grilled lamb, roast pork and tiramisu ~~~

Trust me, is worth to go there and try. =P

P/S: And guess what? I got another summon again on Tuesday. GREAT !!! THREE summons in less than a week. DAMN !!!

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