June 25, 2008

Bad mood day......

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......cause Christine had a car accident today.


Why it always happen at this time of the year? Ish.....hate it.

Bad things don't come, good things also won't come. Aih.....deal with it.

June 22, 2008

KBU Degree Show, SEQUENCE 2008 @ One Utama

Here it is people. As promised. The poster is up for our degree show. If YOU are free on that weekend, please do come and drop by and have a look at the students work. If you see me there can say 'hi' also. Hehehe... =P

On the 27th is by invitation ONLY.

Open for public viewing is on the 28th and 29th. (So please come on this date as stated in the poster for viewing=P)

Main Poster No. 1

Just in case you have Facebook and am thinking of coming or not coming or maybe coming, please go to this link. Cause I can't be able to send all the invites out as I don't have y'all contacts. Okie?
SEQUENCE 2008 event invitation on FB

Main Poster No. 2

We have two main poster here. Just look out for it if you see either one of this. Hehehe.....

June 21, 2008


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The BAAAAAAAAAD is, the place we are renting now has to extend for another 2 fucking weeks as well as my so called 'retiring from any kind of outing'.

DAMMIT !!! I HATE construction workers !!! They tend to drag the timing.

Anyway.....fine....bare with it.

The GOOOOOOOOD is, house shifting date is being postponed and therefore my degree show will not clash together with my house shifting. Won't be so havoc afterall. =P

June 20, 2008


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I'm here by to officially announcing that I'm............






















Nola !!! Just joking !!! I'm still single okay ???

Ok, serious now. I'm here by to officially announcing that I'm............

........"retiring from any kind of outing"........
dramatic eh?
anything that is non related to my degree show and house shifting will be out of my outing list.
(But this only applies till end of this month, June 2008 =P)

Cause Christine is gonna be busy with.......

Degree Show
Busy Painting
Busy Cleaning
Busy Packing
Busy Shifting
A good way to diet =)

Really wan. So to all my Heng Tai's, Ji Mui's, Brothers, Sisters, BF's, GF's, GodBro's and yada yada, all the related ones, any plans please don't include me. I can't make it. If you miss me and want to see me come and drop by at One U from 27th to 29th but before coming, give me a buzz first ya. =P

Re: Visit to Tiles Warehouse

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Remember that I blogged about this picture at the previous entry? Read on and you'll know why and what I'd been busy with other then the degree show prep.

From here.......to.......

..........here.......and to be put on........




Get what I mean? I actually found out that choosing tiles is not that easy. With so many different kind of tiles design, sizes, quality, price, colours and yada yada. Also, different design also has their own purposes. LOLx. Sis and I actually went to the same place for like 4 times if I'm not mistaken. And each time we go there we'll be spending like at least 2 hours just to decide and matching what design with what design. HEADACHE !!!

And on my way back from Puchong today. I SNAPPED this !!! A new club is opening soon !!!


MOS wey. No play play. Hahahaha......
By the way, I had a good news and a bad news.

The Good news is, I've got an email invitation by Euphoria to their preview party !!! Yippie !!!

The BAD news is, I CAN'T GO !!! Cause my degree show falls on the same DATE !!! DAMMIT !!! If I were to go, I will be over tired to party the whole night long and the next early morning I need to 'pindah rumah' and degree show at night shift on that SAME weekend !!! I'll pass again this time. SHIT !!! I HATE JUNE !!! I have been missing so many outings already. Rejected my friends plan so many times. Feel sad lar... =(

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Movie UPDATES !!!

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I know is a bit outdated to do my movie updates. LOLx. Cause I watched it back last month. Anyway, don't care la. I blog what I want to blog about. Hehe...let's start off with.....


I LURVE the 3D and animation. Was awesome and was so so so colourful.
Rating: 6.5/10


Hmmm....for this one will be erm....not much to comment about this one cause the movie was quite good. Personally I think is even better then other Marvel's superhero movie.
Rating: 7.5/10
But I heard Incredible Hulk is even better. Gonna make that my next movie.


Personally, this movie is really very bored. The story line was so slow that I almost fell asleep inside the cinema.
Rating: 4/10


This one not bad. I would say it's better then the first Narnia.
Rating: 6/10


As commented on my previous entry but has not rate it yet. This movie actually made me thought of someone. =)
Rating: 7/10

and today which is just now, I watched this.......


Damn funny I tell you. Worth for a great laugh after a day full of stress. Must watch.
Rating: 6.5/10

June 18, 2008

Made of Honour screening by Advertlets

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Thanks Advertlets for the movie, was awesome. Thanks Joshua for making me blog about it.

Basically, I almost couldn't make it. But me and my friend manage to reach just in time, 830pm sharp I think. Haha. Was rushing and speeding all the way to KLIA and from KLIA cause my friend Alce, need to fetch one of her friend who came from Aussie. Was a very last minute thingy.

Anyway, the movie was great, the crowd was great, the atmosphere was great too.

Was my first attempt attending events by Advertlets. Although I don't know any people there but I still recognise some of the bloggers and the only person that I really know was UncleJosh only. LOLx.

No pictures was taken also, did bring my camera but 'lupa' to take it out from my bag. LOLx.

Here's some of the narcissism pictures taken after I reach home from One U & Mc'd with meself and Baby Fluffy(cause he showered :P)

Visit to Tiles Warehouse

Currently listening to Boys II Men - Water Runs Dry

Wondering what I'm doing over here? Will be up for next or next next update perhaps. :P

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Progression on making Sequence

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Here's a lil progression in our Sequence. Erm, it is actually almost to the final already. Didn't take any pictures while we were doing the invitation card. :(

But here's some donkey pictures after we done with our name tag + lanyard. The quality of the pictures are taken with my phone. VERY 'min keong' acceptable lar cause 'lupa' to bring my camera ma.

* Candid * Choosing our favorites name tag
Yellow - all the lectureres in design
Red - GD students
Blue - IAD students

LeeYee holding Moy's (don't know who is it. LOLx)
Alce with Shaw Chiang & Matthew (girl, how many you want?)
Me with Hafiz (he's the most leng chai lecturer in KBU)

3 of us syiok sendiri

AND Meself with lotsa lotsa name tag

By the way, everything is almost done. Now only left the stage backdrop, poster, banner and brochure to be sent to the printer. Then will be done. :)
Can't wait to see the final display how it looks like. Hehe....

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June 17, 2008

Welcome Note

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Let's make a BIG APPLAUSE to welcome Mr. Wilson Tan Chee Wee to the blogosphere !!!

A lil tease from his page (which edited by me)

At last he has started his very own blog probably by willingly or perhaps influence, my influence perhaps. Hahaha....EVIL SISTER I AM !!!

June 16, 2008

Fish Eye Pictures

Here's the outcome of the fish eye view pictures. All this are my class member. Have fun looking at it.

Ai Shan * Alce * Bi Yan * Carr Win

Chee Wen * Me * Hee Boon * Janet

Jing Zhi * Kin Wee * Lee Yee * Lien Key

Louise * Matthew * MK * Sam

Shaw Chiang * Thanges * Zi Shan

Thanks MK for the pictures.

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Fish Eye in the Making

Wonder what this entry is about? Is actually a photo taking session @ KBU football field for all the KBU graduates majoring in Graphic Design and Interior Architechture 2008. The technique is using fish eye view, it is to be applied into our brochure for our Degree Show this year, title is SEQUENCE 2008.

There will be a flash intro played starting from 16th June 2008 @ One Utama New Wing in any television screen that you can find till the end of our SEQUENCE 2008, Degree Show. Go and see see look look if you happen to be in One U.

Our * harta benda *


Checking on the pics

The testing

MK, our class photographer

Me * Alce again syiok sendiri for fun

Having discussion on....

....the lighting, angle, weather and yada yada....

Alce, syiok sendiri again

Continue with discussion....

....and positioning....

....and yada yada....

Other then just taking serious pictures, we had fun at the same time also la. Fun is always there when there's work. Is written in our dictionary.

Chit-chat session. "Where to makan after photo shooting?" LOLx.

Looks like the mom and the children on a day out for a picnic.

Sometimes we need to have other posting too. Hehe...

Chit-chat continue's

I lurve this pic most.
Me* Alce * Ai Shan * Bi Yan

Scandalouse !!!
(Alce, I'm sure you'll be happy seeing this pic with Shaw Chiang) =P

This one just came out naturally
Sam the photographer

We tried a lot of time(more than 15 times, jump until breathless) in this jumping pose but in the end we succeed.

Yea, this is part of what I'm busying with, the preparation for the degree show. Alot to do you know? There's the flash intro, brochure, name tags, and yada yada with the design and all. Btw, I'm also in-charge of finding sponsors. LOLx. Don't know why I'm always chosen to be the PR side. ~_~""

Time, exact venue and date of the Degree Show will be up once I get the soft copy of the poster okie. Be patience people. Details will be up soon when all materials is gather up. Okie?

And here, ending it with an emo side of me....

An end has ended and a new beginning will start soon...

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