June 15, 2008

BFF's Outing @ Bar Flam

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Here's a short gathering of 3 of us @ Bar Flam. It was a VERY VERY last minute planning and I actually made all of us went out quite late. Am so sorry. =P But at least I didn't FFK y'all ma. Hehe......cause I have a very reasonable reason for making we all late. =P LOLx. (Feel like slapping myself)

Anyway, we just had a drink and chit chat for like 2 hours at Bar Flam and another 1 hour plus at Ming Tien cause the two man was hungry.

Ken * Me

Me * Wymen

Wymen * Ken

Reach home around 5am like that. When I reach home, I was totally KO for being over tired. Reason to it, will be updated in the next next coming post.

Last AND not the least, a picture of meself, The Sweet Devil. LOLx. =P

Meself, The Sweet Devil =P

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