June 16, 2008

Father's Day Dedication

Is Father's Day and I'm like more than 200km from my dad. To be FRANK, I had never celebrate Father's Day with my dad. Why? My dad actually don't like celebration thingy. He felt that is a waste of time and money. LOLx. Me and my siblings actually tried once, bringing him out for a dinner on a Father's Day but we ended up cooking at home. LOLx. So dramatic eh?

Dad came to KL for a visit last weekend and he actually hinted like "Father's Day is coming soon eh?". Then me and sis just kept quiet. Hahaha....such an evil daughter's he has. Yea, we wasn't free to go back Ipoh this weekend, so we kinda like celebrated an early Father's Day for daddy but no pictures were taken.

But seems like as time goes by, human thinking will change. As people get older especially our parents, children will be away far from them from home from time to time one by one. But they will never ask for more, never say out what they want. What they really want is just family gathering, family togetherness, laughter and warmth.

So to those who seldom see your parents, do give them a call once in a while at least to show your care cause when they are lonely, they tend to think a bit too much.

Happy Father's Day Daddy...

Love you...

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