June 16, 2008

Fish Eye in the Making

Wonder what this entry is about? Is actually a photo taking session @ KBU football field for all the KBU graduates majoring in Graphic Design and Interior Architechture 2008. The technique is using fish eye view, it is to be applied into our brochure for our Degree Show this year, title is SEQUENCE 2008.

There will be a flash intro played starting from 16th June 2008 @ One Utama New Wing in any television screen that you can find till the end of our SEQUENCE 2008, Degree Show. Go and see see look look if you happen to be in One U.

Our * harta benda *


Checking on the pics

The testing

MK, our class photographer

Me * Alce again syiok sendiri for fun

Having discussion on....

....the lighting, angle, weather and yada yada....

Alce, syiok sendiri again

Continue with discussion....

....and positioning....

....and yada yada....

Other then just taking serious pictures, we had fun at the same time also la. Fun is always there when there's work. Is written in our dictionary.

Chit-chat session. "Where to makan after photo shooting?" LOLx.

Looks like the mom and the children on a day out for a picnic.

Sometimes we need to have other posting too. Hehe...

Chit-chat continue's

I lurve this pic most.
Me* Alce * Ai Shan * Bi Yan

Scandalouse !!!
(Alce, I'm sure you'll be happy seeing this pic with Shaw Chiang) =P

This one just came out naturally
Sam the photographer

We tried a lot of time(more than 15 times, jump until breathless) in this jumping pose but in the end we succeed.

Yea, this is part of what I'm busying with, the preparation for the degree show. Alot to do you know? There's the flash intro, brochure, name tags, and yada yada with the design and all. Btw, I'm also in-charge of finding sponsors. LOLx. Don't know why I'm always chosen to be the PR side. ~_~""

Time, exact venue and date of the Degree Show will be up once I get the soft copy of the poster okie. Be patience people. Details will be up soon when all materials is gather up. Okie?

And here, ending it with an emo side of me....

An end has ended and a new beginning will start soon...

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