June 18, 2008

Progression on making Sequence

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Here's a lil progression in our Sequence. Erm, it is actually almost to the final already. Didn't take any pictures while we were doing the invitation card. :(

But here's some donkey pictures after we done with our name tag + lanyard. The quality of the pictures are taken with my phone. VERY 'min keong' acceptable lar cause 'lupa' to bring my camera ma.

* Candid * Choosing our favorites name tag
Yellow - all the lectureres in design
Red - GD students
Blue - IAD students

LeeYee holding Moy's (don't know who is it. LOLx)
Alce with Shaw Chiang & Matthew (girl, how many you want?)
Me with Hafiz (he's the most leng chai lecturer in KBU)

3 of us syiok sendiri

AND Meself with lotsa lotsa name tag

By the way, everything is almost done. Now only left the stage backdrop, poster, banner and brochure to be sent to the printer. Then will be done. :)
Can't wait to see the final display how it looks like. Hehe....

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