June 20, 2008

Re: Visit to Tiles Warehouse

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Remember that I blogged about this picture at the previous entry? Read on and you'll know why and what I'd been busy with other then the degree show prep.

From here.......to.......

..........here.......and to be put on........




Get what I mean? I actually found out that choosing tiles is not that easy. With so many different kind of tiles design, sizes, quality, price, colours and yada yada. Also, different design also has their own purposes. LOLx. Sis and I actually went to the same place for like 4 times if I'm not mistaken. And each time we go there we'll be spending like at least 2 hours just to decide and matching what design with what design. HEADACHE !!!

And on my way back from Puchong today. I SNAPPED this !!! A new club is opening soon !!!


MOS wey. No play play. Hahahaha......
By the way, I had a good news and a bad news.

The Good news is, I've got an email invitation by Euphoria to their preview party !!! Yippie !!!

The BAD news is, I CAN'T GO !!! Cause my degree show falls on the same DATE !!! DAMMIT !!! If I were to go, I will be over tired to party the whole night long and the next early morning I need to 'pindah rumah' and degree show at night shift on that SAME weekend !!! I'll pass again this time. SHIT !!! I HATE JUNE !!! I have been missing so many outings already. Rejected my friends plan so many times. Feel sad lar... =(

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