June 15, 2008

Tickets to FREEDOM

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Okie. I know this post should be posted last month but....cause of my finals and yada yada, I'll just keep everything short and less excuses la. =P Since this is suppose to be a last month post, I'll just make it as usual la, PICTURES DO ALL THE TALKINGS !!!

Started off with where do we stay.
Here's some of the view from the resort that I took pictures from.

The main entrance. Yea, we were greeted by the staff. LOLx.

Headed to the reception area to check in.

The pool view.

The further view.
Resort surrounded by coconut trees.

The resort is actually just by the sea, so basically we can have a walk by the sea side.

OUR room !!! A deluxe room with two queen size bed only RM 288 for 8 pax. LOLx.

Wonder how we sleep for 8? SECRET ~~~ LOLx

The view from our bedroom.

AND here's a lil start up...

Getting the feel adi ??? =P

Random Pix

The walk from the Admiral Marina entrance to the main entrance to FREEDOM took us like 15 to 20 minutes walk. But it seems like forever.

LeeYee * CheeWen * Alce * Me
Jovi * Iris * Sheva * Dullard already headed to the Recharge stage while 4 of us having our Domino's for dinner.

Sheva * Jovi * Iris * Dullard already halfway there while......

........we were just getting started.

Us @ Recharge

Jovi * Me @ The Recharge Room
Icey cold in there but not that cold afterall cause we were all sweating. LOLx.

The 4 of them.

Here's the Recharge stage.

AND......The Mid Arena.

The laser lights was just too awesome.

Nothing is complete without a group picture.

OH YA !!! Did I mention the name of the resort that we stayed? Is Corus Paradise Resort. Is actually my second time staying there. LOLx.

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