July 9, 2008

Postpone Updates

I know, there's no updates for the past one week. After busy with degree show then fall sick and now am busy with shifting and stuff. Promise, updates will be up once I settle down at my new home ok? By the way, I will be disconnect from the internet world for one week perhaps due to the change of address thingy. So be patience ya people. =P

And I'm all excited about shifting already. Wuahahaha....

July 2, 2008

Sick Mode

Yes, I'm in sick mode now. Had cough, sorethroat, flu and fever since monday till today. Fever was at 38.4 °C while normal body temperature was at 36.8 °C and my whole body felt like burning from inside out. Today I felt better, fever almost gone (I think), flu still have a lil, cough still, sorethroat still. I wana RECOVER ASAP !!! I had already missed the BBQ session on Monday, friend florist shop opening on Tuesday. URGH......GERAM........

Updates will be updated once I recover from my sickness, okey people ???