August 29, 2008

Samsons - Bukan Diriku

Currently listening to Samsons - Bukan Diriku

I'm so into Samsons song this days. Especially this song. Is so the emo-ing. I can sing nonstop about it. those who don't know who is Samsons, they are a band from Indonesia and sang Kenangan Terindah, which played in Hitz before, if you know lar.

Setelah kupahami
Ku bukan yang terbaik
Yang ada di hatimu
Tak dapat kusangsikan
Ternyata dirinyalah
Yang mengerti kamu
Bukanlah diriku

Kini maafkanlah aku
Bila ku menjadi bisu
Kepada dirimu

Bukan santunku terbungkam
Hanya hatiku berbatas
Tuk mengerti kamu
Maafkanlah aku

Walau kumasih mencintaimu
Kuharus meninggalkanmu
Kuharus melupakanmu
Meski hatiku menyayangimu
Nurani membutuhkanmu
Kuharus merelakanmu

Dan hanyalah dirimu
Yang mampu memahamiku
Yang dapat mengerti aku

Ternyata dirinyalah
Yang sanggup menyanjungmu
Yang lama menyentuhmu
Bukanlah diriku

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Merdeka or Ordinary ???

It's Malaysia's 51st Anniversary of independance this year but I personally don't feel the spirit of merdeka from the citizens this year compare back to the past years is so much different. Some say perhaps is the influence of the politics, election and etc's. Anwar is out and he still has a lot of supporters and yet he won the last few days election at Penang. Petrol increase and then decrease for 15cents which I think it doesn't make much difference. Patriotic, kononnya lar. I'm sure there's still lot of issue's that people are talking about nowadays but I think this year Merdeka will be a not so happening one.

Anyway, will be a long weekend holiday. Where will y'all be heading to? I'll be heading back Ipoh either today or tomorrow. The north and south highway will be a long jam I'm sure. Especially today and monday. So people, drive safe, wear your safety belt, don't speed for red lights and don't get drunk and drive cause raya is coming also. Have a great weekend ahead. And Happy Merdeka to all the Malaysian's.

August 27, 2008

You are a FUGGED UP !!!

WTF !!! Someone just spoiled my mood for the rest of the night. Fugged up.

I had never liked you from the very beginning you get together with my sis and now you had made my perception on you even worst. What is it so big deal that I didn't answer your 11 missed calls while the one you looking for cannot be reach? And because of not answering your calls, I got questioned by you like a suspect. And even worst, I got all the blame just because I helped her to cover up stories. She don't even want to tell you that she's going out with her girls. Go get a life. I don't care what kind of rasional you have, I just don't want to get involve in things between you both. I had enough of this, time and time again you always drag me down to the issue between you and her. It's none of my business and I don't even want to know a single bit. To be frank, I'm more than happy if you are out of her life, forever, cause you don't deserve her at all not even a pinch. And she deserves a man who is a whole lot more than you. So I think is time for you to go back where you came from.

And I hope you are reading this.

August 26, 2008


Currently llistening to Mariah Carey - Bye Bye


What would you do when you get to know that you might be loosing your loved ones one day?

What would you do when your loved ones suddenly called up and say things differently like any other day?

What would you do when your loved ones suddenly asked you to write down all their bank account number?

What would you do when your loved ones suddenly cried on the phone while saying that 'The only thing I'm worry now is.......'?

What would you do when your loved ones leave you one day for forever?


Just some sharing thoughts and words that came into my mind....

August 25, 2008

I've got my own AVATAR !!!

Currently listening to Gin Blossom - Follow You Down

I was blog hopping until I came to Jaeney's blog and I found


It was fun playing and clicking around with all the different size, shapes and colours of hair, eyes, mouth and etc's. And wondering how you will look like in cartoon? Check it out if you are bored.

And as for my own created avatar......

I look like this. Do I? LOLz

August 23, 2008


Currently listening to Samsons - Kenangan Terindah

I've got pressies !!!

Chocolates all the way from Langkawi by Alce.
Actually I belum start to makan. It's still in the fridge. LOLz.

Tee's all the way from Bangkok by Wilson.
Since you were wondering weather it fits me or not, here it is. Told you it fits 'ngam ngam'.

A close up on the graphics.

When I got the tee from him, I opened up and see what kind of graphics it is. This is part of the conversation we had regarding the tee.

Me : Why is it 'smile please'? Is it because I don't smile all the time?
Wil : ah, just want to buy lor.
Me : Oh, okay. ~_~""

Anyway, thanks Alce for the chocolate and thanks Bro for the tee.
Lurve it loads....

August 20, 2008

Home sweet new home

Currently listening to One Republic - Stop & Stare

All of you must be wondering what is this renovation, painting, shifting house, and unpacking thing is all about. Here's a picture of my new home.

The new home is part of the reason why I'm being so homey nowadays.
So if you want to look for me, just come over and ring my doorbell. LOLz.

August 19, 2008

Chee Yee's 20th Bday @ Ruums

Currently listening to The Last Goodnight - Return To Me

This was on one of those Saturday night last month. I was so bored until I text almost all of my close friends what were they doing on a Saturday night. Some of them was busy working, some of them needs to accompany bf/gf and some of them family dinner. LOLz. So dramatic. Until I texted Wilson, he said am going for his younger brother birthday celebration at Ruums. Then I 'buat tak tahu malu' and self invite jokingly lar. Hahaha....but 'mana tahu' he asked me to come along. So since I've got nothing to do, I just tagged along. There was two of his brother, brother gf and some of his brother friends.

The birthday boy, Chee Yee

The Tan Brother's, Tan Chee Yee * Alex Tan * Wilson Tan

Twenty candle to be blow off

Never ending blow. LOLz.

It looks better without the blur effect.

August 18, 2008

Baby got PAINTED !!!

Currently listening to Lil Mamma feat. T-Pain & Chris Brown - Shawty Get Loose

The kepochi dog got himself PAINTED in white stripes....

That innocent look....awh.....

Juice 6th Anniversary, Stars & Stripes Party

Currently listening to Eamon - I Don't Want You Back

Talking about this, I was so worried about the dresscode as I don't have any apparel that is with stars or stripes. So I ended up wearing black something that is not so eye-catching. By the way, I got the free invites from my friend Wymen. Two of his friend ffk-ed last moment so his friends VIP ticket was abandoned and left both of us went.

Overall, the whole event, I don't really enjoy. Maybe cause of not many of us went and was bored, both of us leave around 1230 am.

The Crowd

Wymen * Me

August 17, 2008

SEQUENCE 2008 Updates !!!

Currently listening to Jordin Sparks - One Step At A Time

Sequence 2008
27th - 29th June 2008

Okay, okay, I know I've not been updating my blog SERIOUSLY recently. Fall sick, shifting, unpacking and the house thingy thing and also busy looking for a job but has not found one yet. And I SERIOUSLY need a job now. LOLz.

Here's a summary of the 'story'.

The night before the event day, some of us(me, Sam, Alce & LeeYee) and some of the interior students volunteered to help set up the whole display area, the stage and etc's. And we were told that we could finish the whole thing by 100 am but in the end we ended up going back at 530 am from OneU. And four of us headed to BananaLeaf for an early morning breakfast and headed back home showered and straight to bed at 645 am. The next morning needs to be at OneU by 10 am for some preparation and rehersal.

Anyways, here's some of the pictures updates from my Degree Show.......we actually cam around while waiting for the time to past till the arriving of the guest.

The cause and effect due to lack of sleep....

Part of the design lecturers....

Another part of the design lecturers, doing some final set up's for the stereo thingy.

The look of the whole display. Am actually quite happy that we help do the set up. Good to have that experience, the lack of sleep thingy especially. LOLz.

By 500 pm, the arriving of guest.

More and more guest's....

And what I like most in this event, was this...........

Sponsored by Delicious

After the whole event ended, we cam again. LOLz. There's a lot of pics but I choose some of them only.

The Lecturer's, saying bye bye to all of us. LOLz.

Then on the next day, Saturday, some of my friends came to drop by.

The bro who suprises me from bushes while I was not looking.

My babes who lost their way while coming to OneU.

Ney who came with the BF to catch a movie drop by also.

Son came rushing to OneU right after work.

Oh, dad and sis came too while they said they'll come on Sunday. LOLz. They were spying on me too. Luckily I didn't do anything that can't be seen. LOLz.

All of them are just so sweet. Hehehe....LURVE y'all lotz.

Then on Sunday, this is what we did....

UNO !!! Yea, we played Uno the whole day while taking turns to 'jaga' the display thingy.

And a picture with Anis, the head of Graphic Design.

A final group picture but not everyone is in it.

Anyway, it's a good experience. I already missed the moments. Everyone is continuing their journey and life's. All the best to everyone and I'll see y'all at the convocation next month ya.

August 9, 2008

You Don't Mess With The ZOHAN movie screening by Advertlets

Adam Sandler or Zohan ??? Your pick. For me, I need both. Why? Cause without Adam Sandler, there's no Zohan = no hairstylist = bad hair day. So I need both to have my hair done. Wheee.....

Yes, Advertlets having another screening on Don't Mess With The Zohan movie. Screening is on the 12th August, which is the day after Wall-E screening. Is a 2 days in a row for 2 great movie. You don't need to plan for things to do after your hard day of work. So come join in the fun with other bloggers as well. All you have to do is blog about why you want to watch this movie. Details are on the blog flyer, click on it.

August 8, 2008

WALL-E screening by Advertlets

Gosh.....messy messy, I really need a trash collector to help pick what to and what not to collect and I guess Wall-E could help me with that.


Guess what ??? Advertlets is having another free movie screening on WALL-E for this month for bloggers who make a post on the movie and they get to bring along a friend. Screening is on the 11th August. Details are on the Wall-E link. Just click on the blog flyer. Hurry !!! Before the movie starts. By the way, there's limited seats.

Gosh...I've been waiting for months for this movie to get in the cinema and thank god Advertlets is screening it for free and I want to watch it before the whole world does. Hehe.....reserve 2 tickets for me pleaseeeeeeee.......