August 19, 2008

Chee Yee's 20th Bday @ Ruums

Currently listening to The Last Goodnight - Return To Me

This was on one of those Saturday night last month. I was so bored until I text almost all of my close friends what were they doing on a Saturday night. Some of them was busy working, some of them needs to accompany bf/gf and some of them family dinner. LOLz. So dramatic. Until I texted Wilson, he said am going for his younger brother birthday celebration at Ruums. Then I 'buat tak tahu malu' and self invite jokingly lar. Hahaha....but 'mana tahu' he asked me to come along. So since I've got nothing to do, I just tagged along. There was two of his brother, brother gf and some of his brother friends.

The birthday boy, Chee Yee

The Tan Brother's, Tan Chee Yee * Alex Tan * Wilson Tan

Twenty candle to be blow off

Never ending blow. LOLz.

It looks better without the blur effect.