August 29, 2008

Merdeka or Ordinary ???

It's Malaysia's 51st Anniversary of independance this year but I personally don't feel the spirit of merdeka from the citizens this year compare back to the past years is so much different. Some say perhaps is the influence of the politics, election and etc's. Anwar is out and he still has a lot of supporters and yet he won the last few days election at Penang. Petrol increase and then decrease for 15cents which I think it doesn't make much difference. Patriotic, kononnya lar. I'm sure there's still lot of issue's that people are talking about nowadays but I think this year Merdeka will be a not so happening one.

Anyway, will be a long weekend holiday. Where will y'all be heading to? I'll be heading back Ipoh either today or tomorrow. The north and south highway will be a long jam I'm sure. Especially today and monday. So people, drive safe, wear your safety belt, don't speed for red lights and don't get drunk and drive cause raya is coming also. Have a great weekend ahead. And Happy Merdeka to all the Malaysian's.

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