August 17, 2008

SEQUENCE 2008 Updates !!!

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Sequence 2008
27th - 29th June 2008

Okay, okay, I know I've not been updating my blog SERIOUSLY recently. Fall sick, shifting, unpacking and the house thingy thing and also busy looking for a job but has not found one yet. And I SERIOUSLY need a job now. LOLz.

Here's a summary of the 'story'.

The night before the event day, some of us(me, Sam, Alce & LeeYee) and some of the interior students volunteered to help set up the whole display area, the stage and etc's. And we were told that we could finish the whole thing by 100 am but in the end we ended up going back at 530 am from OneU. And four of us headed to BananaLeaf for an early morning breakfast and headed back home showered and straight to bed at 645 am. The next morning needs to be at OneU by 10 am for some preparation and rehersal.

Anyways, here's some of the pictures updates from my Degree Show.......we actually cam around while waiting for the time to past till the arriving of the guest.

The cause and effect due to lack of sleep....

Part of the design lecturers....

Another part of the design lecturers, doing some final set up's for the stereo thingy.

The look of the whole display. Am actually quite happy that we help do the set up. Good to have that experience, the lack of sleep thingy especially. LOLz.

By 500 pm, the arriving of guest.

More and more guest's....

And what I like most in this event, was this...........

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After the whole event ended, we cam again. LOLz. There's a lot of pics but I choose some of them only.

The Lecturer's, saying bye bye to all of us. LOLz.

Then on the next day, Saturday, some of my friends came to drop by.

The bro who suprises me from bushes while I was not looking.

My babes who lost their way while coming to OneU.

Ney who came with the BF to catch a movie drop by also.

Son came rushing to OneU right after work.

Oh, dad and sis came too while they said they'll come on Sunday. LOLz. They were spying on me too. Luckily I didn't do anything that can't be seen. LOLz.

All of them are just so sweet. Hehehe....LURVE y'all lotz.

Then on Sunday, this is what we did....

UNO !!! Yea, we played Uno the whole day while taking turns to 'jaga' the display thingy.

And a picture with Anis, the head of Graphic Design.

A final group picture but not everyone is in it.

Anyway, it's a good experience. I already missed the moments. Everyone is continuing their journey and life's. All the best to everyone and I'll see y'all at the convocation next month ya.

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