August 23, 2008


Currently listening to Samsons - Kenangan Terindah

I've got pressies !!!

Chocolates all the way from Langkawi by Alce.
Actually I belum start to makan. It's still in the fridge. LOLz.

Tee's all the way from Bangkok by Wilson.
Since you were wondering weather it fits me or not, here it is. Told you it fits 'ngam ngam'.

A close up on the graphics.

When I got the tee from him, I opened up and see what kind of graphics it is. This is part of the conversation we had regarding the tee.

Me : Why is it 'smile please'? Is it because I don't smile all the time?
Wil : ah, just want to buy lor.
Me : Oh, okay. ~_~""

Anyway, thanks Alce for the chocolate and thanks Bro for the tee.
Lurve it loads....


Rickydaskylinez said...

de tee real nize....

Sweet-Lil-Devilish said...

Thanks bro. By the way, the movie Zohan so so only. Haha.