September 8, 2008

First day at new work place

Current listening Samsons - Bukan Diriku

Yesterday was my graduation ceremony, will update about it soon kay?

Today was my first day at work. Is so the boring I tell you. When I reported to work, they have not prepare my table cause three intern graphic designers will be leaving in two weeks time then only I will take over the place, which means I will have nothing to do for the next two weeks also. LOLz. Is a good news or what? They pay me two weeks salary for doing nothing. Haha.

How I spend my 9 working hours today:
* One of the colleague on the sales 'ajak' for breakfast
* Being introduce to all the colleagues
* Flipping the magazines until lunch hour
* Headed to One World to collect my graduation pictures then headed to Oldtown for lunch alone
* Bought a Star newspaper while on the way back office
* Continue flipping the magazines and newspaper until 530pm(my superior let me off 30 minutes earlier since I've got nothing to do) :)

By the way, so far I'm the only chinese staff in the company minus my superior and two sales person which is not in the office most of the time. LOLz. That explain why I 'makan' alone on a fasting month. I can't imagine what will happen next month after their fasting month, mamak everyday??? I cannot wey....I rather eat alone or take away back to office. LOLz. Or perhaps once a week. I wish the next graphic designer come in is chinese so that I have kaki to makan together. :)

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