September 12, 2008

With my rain and sunshine @ Genting

Okay, it's been a while since I really update my blog regarding my recent happenings and I'm blogging all about this at office now. It's my fifth day @ work and still I've got nothing else to do. Imao. Any experince that y'all can suggest that I can pass my time here faster? I'm sooooo...... bored. I still have one more week to go until I have things to do, until I have my own table, until I have my own PC and until I have my own chair. I just can't wait to deco my table. LOLz.

I have not been very happy since Merdeka, for the whole week. Things that has been bothering me made me has sleepless nights, loose of appetite in food and frustration. No, is not because of the PMS thing and I have not have my PMS yet. Is the matter of what has been making me worried. I can't type out what's the exact problem that has been bothering me cause is really a P&C. By the way, the thing that happen really made me shiver and gave me goosebumps.

Anyway, let the unhappiness be gone for a lil while. Let's have some moments to share that I've been wanting to update but don't have the time to do so. Here it is, a lil trip to Genting with my babes. Yea, my friend got a free room so we just went up there and stay for a night and spend some girls time together. Pictures shows how much we love spending time together. This was on the 6th August 2008.

Our bags

Recharged * Thinking what to do next

Tiff * Mui Me * Jie

I like this the best


Guess who's this?

LURVE this too...

Deer riding? Or...

Horse riding?

On the way back....

So sorry there's no caption for every photo cause I don't know what to write about. :)

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