October 31, 2008

Chillout @ Quattro Launch

Yea, me with 2 of my buddies had a chillout night at Quattro launch. Headed there right after work. Waited Wymen at his place and went down to KL, jam all the way from Kota D. and pick up Ken at B. Bintang area cause his office is around that area. Then off we headed to Avenue K. By the time we reach Avenue K was already 9pm. Our tummy was drooling all the way. Parked our car and walk to Avenue, pass by Quattro but we have no idea weather they have freeflow of food and drinks or not. So we headed down to the LRT station and went into a restaurant call Little Taiwan.

I couldn't even finish my bowl of noodles as my tummy is way too much gas. Wymen and me shared, if not will be wasted.Took one hour to have our dinner and we went in at 10 plus. The crowd were getting heavier and heavier by late. By the way, free flow has already finish by the time we went in. Lolz.

Here's some pictures of Quattro.

Summer, The Restaurant

Spring, The Lounge

The raining pathway.

Autumn, The Club

Autumn crowd

Winter, The Bar

People still coming in at 1am.
And here are some random pics of 3 of us.

Wymen, the pouring pose

My turn

Booze anyone?

Wymen, beer pose

Hik !!! Hik !!!

Happy three friends.
Thanks to the Quattro photographer.

Cheeeers ~~~

Ken's turn

Wymen * Me

Me * Ken

Ken * Wymen

Some mirror pose

A self take one

And bump into Uncle too

Just the three of us that night

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October 30, 2008


This is my day. My big day. The biggest day of my 22 years of studying. My most awaited day has come and I took 2 months to make this post. ~_~""

Okay, this was held on the 7th September 2008 @ One World.

Flower's from my babes and family.

Me * Daddy

Me * Sis (elder sis)
I know she's shorter then me a lot but she has already accepted the fact long long time ago.

Daddy * Me * Bro

Bro * Me * Flower's

My babes
They are part of the reasons why I'm excited about. Aren't they just so sweet?

The group pic but not is in it.

Bi Yan * Matthew
The first class honours.

Alce, my babe * Me
Okay, here's a little shout out. I'm happy that we are all gathered again on that day. And yet it is time for us to get seperated and to chase our carreer. To those who's continueing there's MA, wish you all the best and to those who's working or still looking for a job all the best also. Hahaha....I'm repeating again. Anyway, missed those moments we used to had. Take care people. Hugz and kissez.

October 28, 2008

A little something

Some random pics of me.

While waiting for the whole family.
Sien douz....

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October 27, 2008

My Wrong....

Okay, I know, I should have made this 2 months ago but, but.....ah.....don't want to mention it. I know is my wrong for neglecting my blog for 1 month. So the sorry.

Anyway, I have a lot to update. But will take some time to edit the pictures. So for now I'll update on my birthday post.

My babes celebrated for me the day before my actual birthday. Had high-tea buffet at Golden Horse Palace. Not much of elaboration on that day, just some captions go around with it.

Let's start off with the interior architechturing of the makan place.

Look at all those food. Is like OMG !!!

Pastries and cakes and cookies. Melted....
I go gaga by just looking at all this colourful delights.

The local kuih-muih.

Your own DIY ais kacang or cendol.
I didn't try cause I don't really like ais kacang or cendol.

Mirrorzzz.....it actually make the whole place bigger, wider and double the food. LOLz. Lurve it.

They have the concept in making the place like a merry go round.
With horses at every corner of the restaurant.

The outdoor view.

The place where you can have your wedding within the nature.
There you go, pictures of me with my lil birthday cupcake together with my babes.

This is not an official birthday cake. Is just for syiok sendiri purposes as I was complaining for not having a birthday cake. LOLz.

Me with my lil birthday cupcake. Btw, I'm not 10 this year. LOLz.

Me, Tiff & Crystalbelle.

Me & Iris
Then we just walk around the lobby area and some photo session as well.

After Golden Horse Palace, 4 of us headed back to my home. Rested a while, refresh ourselves and then headed to Pyramid for a movie and dinner session.

In the lift.
Mirrors is a killer.

And on my actual birthday, I was at home for the whole day as I actually felt satisfied that my friends celebrated for me one day earlier. So I'm taking that day as like any other normal day. By evening, this 3 babes of mine, said wanted to come overto my place for dinner, order in Pizza. And I'm like okay. So all the way they came from Sg. Long to Bandar Kinrara.
Reached my front door, ding dong and there I saw.....

........this. Wuahahahaha.......so sweet of them.

And so, birthday song and photo session.

Thanks to my babes who's willing to spend time for me on my day. I'm grateful and appreaciate a lot to have you girls around me all this while. I love y'all to the max, y'all are the greatest.