October 31, 2008

Chillout @ Quattro Launch

Yea, me with 2 of my buddies had a chillout night at Quattro launch. Headed there right after work. Waited Wymen at his place and went down to KL, jam all the way from Kota D. and pick up Ken at B. Bintang area cause his office is around that area. Then off we headed to Avenue K. By the time we reach Avenue K was already 9pm. Our tummy was drooling all the way. Parked our car and walk to Avenue, pass by Quattro but we have no idea weather they have freeflow of food and drinks or not. So we headed down to the LRT station and went into a restaurant call Little Taiwan.

I couldn't even finish my bowl of noodles as my tummy is way too much gas. Wymen and me shared, if not will be wasted.Took one hour to have our dinner and we went in at 10 plus. The crowd were getting heavier and heavier by late. By the way, free flow has already finish by the time we went in. Lolz.

Here's some pictures of Quattro.

Summer, The Restaurant

Spring, The Lounge

The raining pathway.

Autumn, The Club

Autumn crowd

Winter, The Bar

People still coming in at 1am.
And here are some random pics of 3 of us.

Wymen, the pouring pose

My turn

Booze anyone?

Wymen, beer pose

Hik !!! Hik !!!

Happy three friends.
Thanks to the Quattro photographer.

Cheeeers ~~~

Ken's turn

Wymen * Me

Me * Ken

Ken * Wymen

Some mirror pose

A self take one

And bump into Uncle too

Just the three of us that night

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