October 30, 2008


This is my day. My big day. The biggest day of my 22 years of studying. My most awaited day has come and I took 2 months to make this post. ~_~""

Okay, this was held on the 7th September 2008 @ One World.

Flower's from my babes and family.

Me * Daddy

Me * Sis (elder sis)
I know she's shorter then me a lot but she has already accepted the fact long long time ago.

Daddy * Me * Bro

Bro * Me * Flower's

My babes
They are part of the reasons why I'm excited about. Aren't they just so sweet?

The group pic but not is in it.

Bi Yan * Matthew
The first class honours.

Alce, my babe * Me
Okay, here's a little shout out. I'm happy that we are all gathered again on that day. And yet it is time for us to get seperated and to chase our carreer. To those who's continueing there's MA, wish you all the best and to those who's working or still looking for a job all the best also. Hahaha....I'm repeating again. Anyway, missed those moments we used to had. Take care people. Hugz and kissez.


- PC - said...

hey congrats..
at last graduated..

btw nice blog u have..

Sweet-Lil-Devilish said...

Thanks PC. Thanks for dropping by also.